Being a moron pays off

So this dipshit goes to North Korea and dies, yet his parents get a $500 million judgement against NK. What a waste of time and resources for someone who shouldn’t have been there.

“Shouldn’t have been there” does not warrant torture severe enough to cause brain damage and eventually death.
Whether or not this kid exercised poor judgement, his family has suffered a real loss at the hands of a brutal dictatorship. Have a heart, dude.

Merry Christmas, dude.

It’s a nice judgment but how are they going to get the money?

Kim has the check ready. They just have to swing by and pick it up.

Maybe Kim will send extra for the wall.

It’s never paid off for me. :frowning:

I can’t imagine in what sense this constitutes “paying off.” What the fuck? The kid was still slowly tortured to death and his family have to live with that. Not to mention the likelihood of getting that judgment paid. Would the OP like to take this deal for himself or a member of his own family?

I don’t want the money, but another self entitled ass doesn’t follow the rules and his family hits it big…

I have a heart until people do stupid ass things to them self.

Is there any particular reason to accept the NK account of what happened? They aren’t exactly disinterested wittnesses with impeccable reputations.

I’m sure this will be the Merriest of Christmases for the family. :ok_hand:

it may not warrant it in our society but it does there whether we like it or not.

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“self entitled”? :dubious:

He thought he can do whatever he wanted against the rules in place.

Would you support gang rape as punishment for lesbianism in certain parts of Africa?

Also there is speculation warmbier was framed so he could be used as a bargaining chip by North Korea.

And do all those North Koreans in gulags deserve what they’re getting for “not following the rules”?

What exactly is your problem here? The money awarded would be North Korea’s money, not yours. The money would go to his surviving family, not himself. And, most importantly, this has nothing at all to do with you. So exactly what is your problem here? :dubious:

I’ll think this is fair when I see a 500 million judgement against a state prison system for a kid who goes into jail, gets beaten up badly, and dies.

We had a case here where a guy murdered his cell-mate so that he could commit suicide without intervention. Didn’t even make the papers.