Being Childfree By Choice is not something that needs a cure, TV

It has come to my attention that tv really doesn’t know how to handle/write childfree by choice (CBC) people. 30 Rock last night was the latest show to join the list of shows that treat being CBC like it’s a temporary condition that will be cured by meeting the right person or the right kid or just coming to your senses. Hey, tv and movie world - there are perfectly normal, happy people in the world who have no interest in having kids, and they never will! We don’t need to be fixed, and we aren’t going to change our minds - in fact, it’s better for everyone concerned if we don’t change our minds, given our zero interest in kids. We’re also not horrible, uncaring people; most of us have pets and are actively involved in volunteering and our communities. I know TV Land isn’t the most realistic world out there, but apparently everyone in it desperately wants kids, or is broken (but if they’re lucky, they get fixed, and not in the good way).

Uh, that’s about it. Just wanted to share this annoyance.

This should probably be in the Pit.

Agree with substance of rant; however, could you summarize what happened on 30 Rock, for those of us who didn’t see it?

I think there are particularly few examples on T.V. of married couples with no children and no interest in having children . . . even though in real life I know lots of people like that. Can anyone think of any good examples from the T.V. world?

I can’t even think of one. Even poor Dexter was suckered into having a kid. Hell, I’m surprised Monk’s writers haven’t found a way to give him and Trudy a kid yet.
King of Queens was close, but I think they adopted a baby in the series finale, didn’t they?

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hartley?

The Ropers on Three’s Company?

(Not that they were shining examples of…anything, really.)

Actually, we do need to be fixed. Otherwise, we may end up having kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, you shouldn’t even try to justify yourself my mentioning pets and volunteering. Are you living your life in a way that suits *you * (without bringing harm upon other people, of course)? That’s all the justification you need.

You know what would help the cause? Not giving it a name.

It’s preferable to being labeled “childless” which is what most people tend to name it, as if those who do not have children have a void in their lives that needs to be filled. I can’t say I’m entirely thrilled with this term but it’s something.

Dick and Joanna Loudon, on Newhart spring immediately to mind.

Also Steve and Marcy on Married with Children.

Meh. I am willfully barren, but honestly, 30 Rock is a sitcom, and it’s really not a good model for living. Although if I could get my upstairs neighbors, who currently seem to be running a roller derby rink, to move out the way Liz got hers to move out, I’d be up there peeing in a vase right now.

To sum up the story line - Jack’s former boss’s kids are making a scene in the media. Jack takes that as evidence that he should never have kids. Tracy Jordan, in front of one of his sons confirms that it’s much better not to have kids, because with the kid around he can’t tell this great stripper story from the night before (that involved someone’s breasts getting sneezed on by a tiger, we later find out.) So the two go to Doctor Spaceman for vasectomies. However, while Tracy is under general anesthetic, he hallucinates that he is on the Cosby show and realizes that the problem isn’t that he has children, but that he doesn’t have adorable daughters as well as sons. Meanwhile, Jack has a teaching moment with Tracy’s son in the waiting room, and rushes in to stop the operation. (Doctor Spaceman explains that he is legally obligated to stop if the patient’s friend rushes into the operating theater shouting.)

One of the characters involved already has children, and the other is completely unequipped to parent without causing massive psychological damage. I don’t really think this was a win for the ‘everyone should reproduce’ camp.

I think it’s high time we are represented more positively in the media. They should show CBC couples enjoying nice vacations with all their disposable income and coming home late at night after hitting the bars to clean houses and crayon free walls.

Jack and Tracy both decide to have vasectomies but back out when they realize that they really do want to have children (more children in Tracy’s case).

Thanks, both Sir Prize and Idlewild.

Same with gay couples. We don’t all want to adopt children.

CBC? Is this some kind of new cult?

Does this help?

In any case, stop being such a grouch, Cat Whisperer. I am sure that two hours from now, due to a series of wacky mishaps you’ll be happy to be a parent - probably with someone you hated when you first met, only to find out you can’t help loving each other. Also, you’ll probably believe in God after having let go of your bitterness. Just a heads-up. Hope I didn’t just spoil the rest of your life.

I don’t know what this means. Not having a name (i.e. childfree by choice) would help childfree by choice people get a little more respect as a valid lifestyle?

ETA: I debated on putting this in the Pit or in Cafe Society - my rant is about how CBC people are treated on tv, so if a mod wants to move, feel free of course.

Don’t forget quiet - such blessedly quiet houses. :slight_smile: