Being Human (U.S. version)

Well, I’ve watched the first few episodes, and I think there’s a lot to like here. I watched the first seasons of the UK version prior to the start of the U.S. version and so far most everything has followed the main storyline, though as I understand it, the U.S. version will deviate from that eventually. My main thoughts are on casting and character portrayal.

Josh the werewolf (George in the UK): I like the casting and portrayal here much more than the UK version; for one thing, the actor doesn’t have gigantic dumbo ears like the UK actor does, and although Josh is a bit self-centered and neurotic, he’s nowhere near as whiny and weepy as George. It seemed like every episode of the UK version would have at least one scene of George crying like a lost little girl, and that got old quick. They seem to be using mostly CG for the transformations with a bit of practical makeup effects for some of the early stages, and from what I’ve seen the werewolf will look better than the UK version.

Sally the ghost (Annie in the UK): This is probably the most spot-on casting and character translation from the UK version. Sally pretty much IS Annie, with maybe a bit more sass. She’s got the big smile and love for life (despite being dead) and the total obsession with the fiancee. She’s beautiful (though I think Annie is slightly cuter) and I think that when she is required to play scenes where she is more bad-ass, she’ll be able to pull those off well.

Aidan the vampire (Mitchell in the UK): Nice touch, naming him Aidan (which is the name of the actor portraying Mitchell). I really want to like Aidan more, but I just think that the actor playing Mitchell has more charisma and unfortunately when I look at Aidan his look just reminds me too much of the Twilight/Vampire Diaries look (short hair, brooding and pensive, pale skin, etc.) Now, I can see how that might be logical, but Mitchell has a bit more of a rock star look to him that just works better for me.

Bishop the head vampire (Herrick in the UK): Casting here is great, with Mark Pellegrino as Bishop (gotta wonder what other actors can say they’ve played such an array of powerful/evil figures; Pellegrino was the enigmatic Jacob on Lost, the evil ex-husband on Dexter, and Lucifer himself on Supernatural before this) I’m sure he’ll do well in this role.

The U.S. version has more episodes per season than the UK version, and they should easily catch up with the UK version’s storyline and likely branch out in a different direction from there. Comparisons are inevitable, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I was hoping for a flashback of Bishop “making” Aiden with him saying “Now you’re like me”.:smiley:

I have to say, so far the US version isn’t impressing me very much. It’s like you take the UK version, improve the special effects, but worsen the acting (especially with GhostGirl). Hopefully when they branch away further from the UK material into new territory it’ll get better.

I’m enjoying the US version, and think some of the big changes they’ve made were for the better - specifically having Danny (the equivalent to Owen) not have his new girl right from the get go.

Others not so much - generally, I find each of the characters less likeable than their UK equivalents.

Sally v Annie…not that different, no real difference in my opinion.

Josh v George - I completely disagree with you. I dislike Josh to an irrational extent. George, I like. Yeah, he’s whiney, but he has a certain pathetic charm.

Aiden v Mitchell - everything I like about Mitchell is missing. The ditching of his being perpetually bundled up particularly rankles. The sunglasses which seem to have replaced it are kind of douchey looking. The extra powers they’re giving the vamps are kind of odd.

Danny v Owen - I’m more positive on the US version - I don’t dislike Danny nearly as much as I immediately disliked Owen, and a lot of what dislike I do have for him is tied to the fact that I know what Owen did, and assume the same holds for Danny.

Tony v Gilbert - oh, goddess. Gilbert was a jackass, but Tony is their king. The mullet he’s got doesn’t help, but good Christ…

Bishop v Herrick - well, I like Herrick more - he seems a lot more capable of passing, which is a good thing, given that he’s trying - but the actor has said ‘Bishop is not Herrick’, so I’m deliberately trying not to compare them.

Letting us meet Josh’s family is nice, though.

Oh, and one general random comment…

Contrary to the usual tendency with US vs UK acting…the UK cast is, on the whole, much better looking than the US.

The US actors are generally blandly attractive, but the UK actors are both pretty and possessed of character. Even George is goofilly cute. Sally is the best of the American cast in that respect.

I’m liking it, and hope it continues to improve.

I’ve liked it so far, though it is pretty dreary and depressing in tone. I definitely am liking Sally the most of the characters so far. The storyline with her and the rocker ghost from the 80’s was good.

My Verizon FIOS cable guide almost always has the wrong description for these episodes, and I’m wondering if they are using descriptions from the UK versions.