Belgian beer

Help me with my persuit of ultimate beer knowledge.I have heard a lot of good things about Belgian beer, but for the most part have been unable to find fresh supplies of anything Belgian. The company that puts out Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewing, desribes many of their other beers as ‘Belgian style’. Abbey for example is called a ‘Belgian Style Ale’,it’s a good ale with a very yeasty taste and fruity background taste. Is there anyone who has knowledge of actual Belgian beer and New Belgium’s beer who can say if they are close to the same taste, or if its a wishful marketing gimick.

I have a LOT of knowledge about actual Belgian Beer. I am however unfamiliar with “New Belgian Beer”, or whatever it is. But I’d love to answer any questions regarding Belgian Beer: Belgium is, IMHO, the greatest Beer Nation in the world.

OK, Coldy, is Stella Artois a lager or a pilsner (or something else)? (Just curious.)
I always enjoyed the Norbertiener Abdij in bottles (couldn’t find it on tap), but I haven’t even seen it in the States. Periodically I’ll splurge for a liter (only sized bottle I’ve seen) of Corsendonck Pater.

To find Belgian beer in the U.S., try this site:
Belgian Beer

When I was stationed at Fairchild AFB, there used to be a supermarket with an Imported Beer aisle about 100 yards long (I’m not kidding!) The beers were grouped by region, and I just about flipped ober the Alsatian beers. They had a yeasty flavor with a sort of spicy aftertaste. Alas, I was transferred to Korea before I started sampling the Belgian brews.

Any really good brew I ought to look for at Albertsons (the only place here that stocks inported brew)? If so, please specify what temperature the brew tastes best at. I’m still annoyed that I never knew how good Guinness can be when it isn’t ice cold.