Belkin Router iTunes Conflict

I put this here, instead of General Questions, because I know I’m going to get more opinions than single answers, and I may even get some recipes, and the thread will probably end up being about how long you can leave mayonnaise out, which is fine with me.

But anyway, here’s the situation:

I take my son to a friend’s apartment, and hang out there after school a couple of times a week, because I don’t have a regular job right now, and he has divorced parents, who both have to work late the same day of the week. He’s allergic to our cats, so we go to his mother’s place, which is in our apartment complex. They play, and it’s actually a break for me, because my son doesn’t need any attention from me for three hours.

I bring my laptop, and use their wireless router.

It’s worked fine for the last year. The last three days I’ve been over there, it hasn’t been able to connect, and the error message I got was that the router didn’t have a valid IP address. However, my son’s Android (Samsung) tablet connected just fine.

I have Win8.1, and I use Firefox, although I tried connecting with IE as well, and no luck. I did a restore, and then it connected just fine. When I got home, I connected with our router just fine, and I restored all the updates (Java, flash and iTunes) that I had lost with the restore.

The same thing happened the next time. So I restored again, and this time, I downloaded all the updates, except iTunes, because I forgot to do iTunes, while using the neighbor’s router. I set a new restore point.

At home, I wanted to use iTunes, and I thought I could just use the outdated version, and update later, the next time I was using the neighbor’s router. I couldn’t use iTunes, though, and got as error message that it was using the “wrong language,” and I needed to change the language while logged in as the administrator. I have only one account, and it’s the admin account. So, I updated iTunes again, and again, couldn’t logon through the router, and had to restore again.

She has a Belkin router, and we have Netgear. We both have Xfinity (Comcast) cable internet (broadband).

I intend to make a point of updating iTunes the next time I’m over there, but I’d love to know what on earth could be the conflict between Belkin, and the newest version of iTunes.

FWIW, I do have some kind of adware that pops up once or twice a day telling me Firefox is out of date, trying to direct me to a non-mozilla website to download the newest version. Mozilla itself says I have the newest version of Firefox. I just ran some adware/spyware delete programs. I don’t know if there is actually something on my HD causing this pop-up, or if it’s just another pop-up.

Anyone else aware of this problem, or have an idea of what’s behind it?