Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

Trump sounded like a real candidate this morning. Much less harsh and angry. He realizes its time to solidify his base, get through the convention, and focus on beating HRC.

I’ve always felt the real Trump isn’t the bombastic public persona. He wouldn’t have his business success if he wasn’t a deal maker.

Each of them passes, as go they must, one by one, to bob their heads under the yoke and kneeling, kiss Crassus’s extended ring — from Bush to Hilary it was ordained before time itself; and the living embodiment of all that is best in America shall defeat the petty creatures who would ravish the Republic and continue their mirthless dance of the dead.

A New Dawn in America — and serve them right.

So Don comparing Ben Carson to a child molester *doesn’t *disqualify Don from getting Carson’s endorsement.

“Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

“there are two Donald Trumps.”
not a bad quote for a Hillary ad.
But back to the endorsement; it makes tons of sense. Both of them were/are celebrity candidates. Their celebrity/story makes their followers (and made Carson’s former followers) more immune to noticing political and policy flaws.

Here’s a list of various other things Trump has said about Carson.

I wonder if Cruz pulling the dirty tricks in Iowa trying to make people think that Carson had dropped out so they’d vote for Cruz instead is a part of this. Cruz and Carson seem to have a bit more of overlapping constituency.

I’m confidant Carson cut a deal. Some of his ideas will be in Trump’s campaign platform. Carson will be heard at the convention.

It was a nasty and brutal campaign. A lot of political rhetoric thats best forgotten. Carson got something by endorsing Trump. Maybe he’ll be considered for Surgeon General in Trumps administration?

Of course there is. The Don who in public lies (“my favorite book is the Bible”) and tells the people what they want to hear so he can get elected and then the real person behind the scenes.

Hillary is the same.

Trump this morning said that there are big things in store for Carson even if he doesn’t know it.

That sounds nice.

Ah yes. The snake oil salesman with trouble understanding vaccine use gives his support to his equal.

As pointed before, it is not a good idea to give these jokers the keys to the CDC.

Carson has ideas?

This could easily boost Trump’s delegate gains in upcoming primaries by almost 1%. That is assuming good weather on primary day, and that Ben Carson voters so far haven’t just been confused by the ballot.

Most of them are just new ways of saying “Serenity now, serenity now.”

Carson seemed to have a pretty loyal block of supporter equal to about 5%-10% of the electorate. Even after he dropped out, he still had people voting for him. Who knows how many of them will follow him onto the Trump band-wagon, but I suspect it’ll be worth at least a few points.

If I were Carson, I’d be wary of “big things” from Trump.

He hasn’t had the business success he claims.

What he should have said:

“Donald Trump has asked ror my help. Since I am no longer in the race, I assumed he meant that he needed my help as a neurosurgeon. So today I am announcing my support to have Donald Trump’s head examined.”

Shh. Do you wanna get sued?

So, what does this mean for Rubio and Cruz…?

You know I kind of want this to play out. Let the vaccine truthers get a bit of power. When the inevitable epidemics happen and they see this huge rise in preventable diseases maybe they will finally come to their senses. It sucks that some innocent people will die, but a couple of really nasty epidemics would put an end to vaccine trutherism for the next 50 years or so.