Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Who’s watched it with their kids?

My 3 1/2 year old is allowed to watch about an hour of television each day. She primarily watches Nick Jr. as they don’t have commercials. A recent addition to the Nick Jr. line-up, here in the U.S. is Peppa Pig. A pretty funny show about Pig family with English accented actors voicing the characters. It appears to have been a BBC or other European show now imported to the US.

Nick Jr. hasn’t put Peppa Pig into it’s regular rotation, and as such they’re not regularly on. So I searched You-Tube and discovered quite a plethora of Peppa Pig episodes. And also discovered another show produced by the same animation company called “Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom” about a land of miniature fairies and elves.

My daughter is now in love with this show.

Peppa Pig is shown on Five in the UK, it isn’t a BBC show.

Peppa is irishbaby’s favourite show of all time- we have it on standby to distract from mini-meltdowns.

George Pig’s love of dinosaurs is why my 20month old can say “Triceratops”, and it is much more watchable for grown-ups than, say, In The Night Garden.

We only watch the Cbeebies (BBC pre-school) channel on TV, so haven’t seen Ben&Holly yet…will have to check it out.

If you can, check out Gigglebiz and Something Special-they are great. Something Special has Makaton signing and involves kids with special needs, Gigglebiz is a sort of comedy sketch show for kids. Both star the amazing Justin Fletcher and his alter egos.