Benevan Stanciano: possibly the most random, named Simpsons character

So what’s the deal with Benevan Stanciano? Why does this guy get a name? Whenever I watch this scene I always get the feeling that there’s some joke I’m missing. I guess it’s supposed to be funny just in how random it is.

I could tell you the episode, but I guess I might as well make it a little mini trivia question in addition to my own question.

I actually had to look this one up- thank you. I love a challenge. Benevan Stanciano (some Internet sources give it as “Benny van Stanciano” or “Benevenstanciano”) is the newstand owner who hands Marge a copy of Sponge and Vacuum magazine in episode 2F21, “The Springfield Connection.” Unfortunately, the DVD commentary on this episode gives no insight into the origin of his name- if I had to hazard a guess, I could only imagine that the writers were looking for a humorous, Italian-sounding name.

Yep you got it (-10% for Internet Assist). Oh it’s certainly a funny sounding name, but it’s certainly high on the random scale. My guess is that he’s specifically named here by Marge to somehow show that Marge frequents this news stand every month and is on first name basis with the proprietor (in addition to him know which mag she’s there for).

Just kind of felt like a reference I was missing.