Bergama won't go away - Star Trek related

ST:XI - Let’s Ruin Trek! No, I don’t think they will do a good job. Look what they did with ENT.

On an upnote, the Barsoom movie plans make me happy. (Discussed previously right here on the SDMB.)

Bergama just doesn’t get it. Which is why they need to pass on the torch. Any further involvement by these hacks will just worsen the situation, imho.

Why should they admit any responisbility for the failure of Enteprise and the last few movies? It’s obivously the fault of nitpicky fans who don’t want to swallow anything that has the words “Star Trek” attached without question.

Oh, and this movie has “Suck” written all over it.

Apparantly, those two have caught what Gene ended up with.

Seriously, you couldn’t see this coming when Roddenberry died? I was a total Trek Geek for years, but a year into Voyager I couldn’t stand it any more and walked away from it all.

Pillar and Berman (and others) actually did well with Trek for quite a while. But once Berman and Bragga melded into that monster we call Bergama…

Oh well, even if Trek never makes it back in a good way, we can still remember the good times and the individual good eps.

Plus, we gots lots of other Sci-Fi coming to both the big and small screens.

I tried to think of just when it was that Star Trek jumped the shark for me. I think it was when they started bringing in all that “Section 31” stuff.

Or maybe it was in TNG, when it seemed like a Pakled slingshot could cripple the Federation’s flagship. :rolleyes:

They just *lost *me.

As someone whon likes Star Trek but is not a hardcore fan I’m glad that someone finally explained the Bergama thing. I just thought that previous posters couldn’t spell.

NoClueBoy I couldn’t get the third link in your first post to work, does it require registration or something?

From the first link:

“Our saviors from the future”?!

Spock?! In 2010?!
Make the pain stop. Please.
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I just double checked the links, and they all work for me. No registration required for Trek Today.

A cliff note version of link #3 is that Berman is saying “I don’t know why the fans and even many of the actors didn’t like what me and BugBoy did to ENT, esp the finale. We know Trek! Really! Just trust me, we know what’s best for you. If you didn’t like it, the problem must be with you.”


I’m only a very casual fan, but for fucks sake, stop with the time travel!!!

“Star Trek XI” ??

I must be missing some fanboy info, but there’ve only been eight Star Trek movies so far, right? What happened to IX and X?

I think having your ass saved by a hologram was the final straw. That is worse than having your ass saved by a kid.
Bergama should just go work for the Bush Adminstration. We’ll let Cheney and Rumsfeld run Star Trek. Insurrection? What insurrection?

There was
The Motion Piture
First Contact
That adds up to ten in my book.

Huh. I thought they were the Bermaga.

How about Bergamera? :wink:

That fairly well sums up my attitude as well.

I think ST would be best served by no-one producing anything ST related for the next, say, ten years. Only after some time has passed do I think someone new (and new is important) can take it on with a fresh attitude that could produce something fun again.

No. :dubious:

Gah, you’re right. :smack: Insurrection and Nemesis were so inconsequential I conflated them as being TNG episodes.

Someone should fire Bergama and put Ron Moore in charge. Oh wait, he decided to do his own little project when Bergama wouldn’t let him…

Well, it is an odd number. :slight_smile: