Beriloz Les Troyens. Think I'll enjoy this opera?

I had a couple of open Netflix spots so I moved up some of my music. I received disc 1 and 2 of Les Troyens. It is the Metropolitan Opera’s version conducted by Levine. The DVD is dated 1984.

All I know of Berlioz is the Symphonie Fantastique of which I’m not a fan. But, I love the Aeneid, so I’m going to watch the opera.

Looks like the opera is about 4 hours, so hopefully this version is complete.

Anyone ever seen it?

Quick bump.

I’ll watch the DVDs, about 4 hours worth on Saturday morning and post my review.

I’ve not seen it, but I did sing a couple of the choruses once when we had an all-Berlioz program concert. I prefer La Damnation de Faust.

Wow. I loved this opera. To be more specific, I loved this performance of the opera. It must have cost a fortune to stage. Lots of costumes and elaborate staging. TThe his is not an opera the local community group can perform.

I love the choruses. There were a lot of them and they were good. This is not an endless aria opera. The costuming is outstanding. Of course, you’d expect this from the Met. This was the first unabridged performance of Les Troyens at the Met and they spared no expense.

The orchestra was also excellent and I loved the orchestral parts. I really haven’t listened to much Berlioz. Maybe it is just fatigue, but I really don’t care for Symphonie Fantastique.

is the performance I watched. It is available for rent at Netflix.

I’m feeling brave. I’ll rent Wagner next.