Bernie Sanders

Does he have a real chance? Do the democrats have a real chance the only time the democrats dominated the wh:eek:ite house was the fdr years

Sanders has a very small chance of being the D nominee. And zero chance of being President.

Next question.

Sanders has the same chance of being the nominee as you do.

Since FDR, the Republican have held the White House 36 years and the Democrats 28 years. That’s one term away from an even split. When Clinton wins and gets re-elected they’ll have evened it up. There. Does that make you feel better?

Sanders is just in the way. He’s just wasting money and will most likely fade to black by July.

Yes, he apparently has a real chance. But he’s had a hard time getting his organization in place. He was way behind Hillary to start, and so far he has mostly been behind her in national polls–but closing. It’s one of those things where people that like him realize late in the day that other people like him, and this could work.

Or we may be saying later it “could have worked.”

Nope and Nope. There is a very real chance that Clinton will be indicted by the FBI over the email scandal. And Sanders can beat Trump in november.

Help me here, but AFAIK the FBI can not indict Clinton, they can only recommend it. And the chances for that possible Recommendation? Very low.

I think that is more on the money because virtually all the talk of indictments are coming from right wing media and blogs that got it wrong regarding Obamacare, Benghazi and many other big controversies. (And many on the right just never demand better from their sources as usual.)

As the article points out, the mainstream media is also behaving like they do with the climate change issue, they are stuck in a false equivalence setting because consulting proper experts would kill the narrative, and the mainstream media does need a horse race.

They are expecting us to sent their kids to college. Ivy league even.

The only way Sanders can ever win the Presidency is if somehow he’s convinced to be Trump’s running mate – which would have a good chance of beating Hillary – and Trump is assassinated.

Bzzt Wrong:

He has a better chance of beating Trump than Clinton does:

The real question is exactly how many times in how many different threads we will have the exact same discussion.

That’s the way i understand it. It be up to the Attorney General and who appointed her again? Dead issue.