Democrats who may run if Hillary is indicted or drops out

If Hillary Rodham Clinton is indicted by the FBI due to her email saga or some other reason, and she drops out, these are the lists of Democrats that could make a late run for president. Some names include Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand.

I’m not really understanding the reasoning for the list you gave, given that one article is a year and a half old, one is about a person specifically NOT running, and one isn’t a list of possible candidates but rather an article about the possibility of an indictment.

At this point I find it vanishingly unlikely that a new candidate would have any real chance in the unlikely event of Hillary dropping out. Nobody has the campaign infrastructure, fundraising, and name recognition to make a serious run. I suspect that Bernie would get the nomination.

I don’t think most Democratic establishment officials would want Bernie. He’s too far-left. That’s why Gillibrand, Kaine, Warner, or Booker may be acceptable. **Even John Kerry may be acceptable. **

So what? As the Pubs are finding out WRT Trump, what the establishment wants does not always dispose the nomination.

The point is to keep repeating “if Hillary is indicted” until people start thinking it’s something real.

The FBI doesn’t indict people. Should an FBI investigation find that the criminal investigation of a person has (in their opinion) merit, they will hand the results of that investigation off to federal prosecutors. The prosecutors will decide whether to seek an indictment by a grand jury. Should they decide to seek an indictment, it is the grand jury that will, or will not, indict Ms. Clinton.

So you’ve skipped a few steps.

Indeed, here I also point at the overview that Media Matters did back in August that is still valid; in a nutshell, there is is this silly thing called due process and many on the right and others that dislike Hillary just want to forget that. There is no evidence that Clinton intentionally or knowingly emailed classified information, seeing that innuendo has been what is driving this I have to conclude that there will be no indictment for an issue that is actually a problem of classification and conflict among security departments.

Sorry about that.

It’s simple. If Clinton drops out, Biden jumps and gets the nomination.

That, plus positioning themselves to start calling for a special prosecutor as soon as she wins. They don’t want to have to wait for her to seduce an intern.

…Or wait for her to dig up and re-shoot Vince Foster.

That, and keep making the point she’s never done anything with her life until people start defending against the allegation instead of laughing at it, because if you defend against something you’re acknowledging that it has enough substance you have to defend against it.

So, how about that kid Jeb murdered? When is he going to come clean about that?

It’s about setting the narrative. It’s worth noting that the question being pushed is “Will Hillary be indicted?” They’re not asking "Did Hillary break any laws? or “Did Hillary do anything wrong?” Discussing if she’ll be indicted is pushing the idea that it’s a given that she broke the law and we’ve already moved past that to the issue of whether she’ll be charged or not.

In the interest of making this a worthwhile conversation …

In the case that HRC has a sudden stroke or other major health crisis and becomes incapacitated, could happen to anyone, does Bernie coast to the nomination or does the Clinton organizational structure suddenly move over to another candidate that is not-Sanders and if so who?

I suspect Bernie would run with no establishment supported opposition, with no one getting the imprimatur let alone use of the Clinton machine. But if so it would not be one significantly more “progressive” than Clinton is. And I do not see Biden jumping in nor getting use of that organizational structure if he did. O’Malley does not get that nod either. Maybe Warner.

A last-minute drop out by Clinton benefits Biden most of all. He is an automatic candidate who would be swept in on a wave of sympathy. People like him.

Sanders is unelectable. The right-wing smear machinery propaganda will feed on the word “socialist” and make it synonymous with ISIS. Any electorate that promotes a Donald Trump cannot be persuaded to look at Sanders’ actual policies.

I say this every election. Policies don’t matter. Positions don’t matter. Politicians are like electrons. They exist in a hazy cloud of probabilities rather than a definite position. Voters assign to them a feeling based on where they think the cloud is.

Remember, the OP said in another thread “a leftist president would lead this country to Greece” and “I don’t think the military would survive a Sanders presidency. He would decimate it to pre World War I levels.” This is insanity squared but indicative of what Sanders’ cloud represents to the non-thinking public.

Sanders is greatly useful because he is coalescing a body of progressive opinion that will push the Democratic Party back to the left where it belongs. But he won’t be President.

I had been thinking that way about sanders but now I don’t know. I still prefer Clinton but I do not think “socialist” is the death knell now, other than to those who were not among the convincables anyway. To some it seems the one critical feature is they are convinced that the candidate honestly is as fed up as they are with the business as usual approach. Few question whether or not Sanders is actually committed to addressing the hollowing out of the middle class and income inequality. He represents a rural state and has some actual ability to connect to some segment of rural voters while still exciting the urban and suburban base of the Democratic party. Not supporting him, but I have come to believe that he is electable if nominated. That Eisenhower line demonstrated the tact he’d take with the socialist label … and it wold be an effective one.

To anyone over 65, “Socialist” is a very dirty word, and the elderly are a big part of the reliable Democratic base. Maybe not in the Northeastern blue states, but in a purple place like Colorado or Virginia, it would be a killer among the not insignificant number of retired military who vote for Dems.

Maybe in 20 years.

Glory, Hillary Clinton is going to be the next POTUS.

Just accept it.

No rush, hasn’t even gotten to “bargaining” yet. Takes time.

I understand the kid was about to release the evidence he’d found out about that Glenn Beck “incident” in 1990.