Best #1 single of the year retrospective: 1957

The reaction to my first #1 retrospective thread has been boffo, and since I’ve never been one to stick to a schedule, I figured it’s about time to soldier on and look at the second full year in the history of the Hot (then Top) 100: 1957.

As a side note; it occurs often in the history of the charts, as it does here, that a single stays at #1 over the New Year. For the sake of completeness, I’ve decided that I will include those songs in the voting for both years.

That being said, here are the songs that made #1 in the US in 1957. What’s your favorite?

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I considered Little Susie for a moment, then remembered the awesomeness of ‘All Shook Up’.

Much weaker set of songs then the previous year. I went with Jailhouse Rock.

Agreed–I’m having a hard time finding one I like in this list.

Elvis, “All Shook Up” (followed by Sam Cooke, “You Send Me,” followed by Everly Brothers, “Wake Up Little Susie”)

I have a hard time trying to resolve my like for a song I heard then(as a teenager) and how I like the song now. Not always the same.

This poll was more difficult:(
How do I choose between Jailhouse Rock and All Shook Up? :smack:

As much as I love “All Shook Up,” I to go with “You Send Me.” I agree that this is a weak set of songs compare with '55-'56 and 1958.

Ditto the weak song year (and, God, wait until we get to the early 1960’s). Went with Jailhouse Rock because, you know, it’s all gay and shit. :wink:

Keep 'em coming, Smapti!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with these, but enjoying perusing them.

Too bad that the focus is, understandably, just on #1’s - songs like Susie Q, which have endured longer than most of the #1’s listed here, don’t get consideration.

An immortal riff composed and performed by one of the all-time great Masters of the Telecaster, James Burton, then a teenager.

Sam Cooke, with Jailhouse Rock a close second.

1957 was my favorite year for good songs, but not these #1’s. Song that I thought were #1’s which beat all these are Buddy Knox “Party Doll,” Crickets “That’ll Be the Day” and Sonny James “Young Love.”

By the way, I couldn’t resist mentioning the song that didn’t do that well in Billboard but counting subsequent years sales would be the all-time #1 for records originally released in 1957. It was #1 on local Hartford radio in '57.

Bobby Helms- Jingle Bell Rock

Sam Cooke. Then the Everly Brothers. Elvis was always overrated.


Ditto. How can you can you not love:
You send me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round, right round

He was way ahead of his time. :wink:

I picked You Send Me but I agree with the other contenders. A much better year than the one that followed it!

“Wake Up Little Susie” was the easy choice for me. Sam Cooke was a far second.