Best Canadian RPM NUMBER 1 SINGLES: 1969

Okay it’s 1969 and 31 songs reached #1 on the RPM Canadian charts, excluding Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” which rolled over from the previous year.

Andy Kim, Motherlode, and Guess Who were the three Canadian artists to send singles to top of the charts.

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Missed edit window, forgot to mention in OP that YOU MAY VOTE FOR MORE THAN ONE SONG.

Of course, Andy Kim also wrote Sugar, Sugar.

My votes:
Bee Gees
Young-Holt Unlimited-Nice instrumental
Tommy James/Shondells-"Crystal Blue Persuasion
Blood, Sweat & Tears-"Spinning Wheel
Zager and Evans’ "In The Year 2525 got my vote by a whisker.

Some songs were okay, some meh. But not enough to get votes in my book.

“I Started A Joke”-Bee Gees
“Time of the Season”-The Zombies
“Crystal Blue Persuasion”-Tommy James and the Shondells
“Laughing”-Guess Who*
“Suspicious Minds”-Elvis Presley

Out of these five, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is the highest-rated song in the world-famous Ponch8 Music Rating System, and “Good Morning Starshine” is dead-ass last.

Three way tie for the top song:

Time of the Season - Zombies
And When I Die - BS&T
Laughing - Guess Who

“Time of the Season” and “Something” are the indispensable classics for me on this list. I voted for a few more including “Get Back.”