Best double-meaning lines from movies

In * Room Service, * a Marx Brothers movie from 1938, is one of the best suggestive lines ever (in an era when such would not be openly permitted, no less). The main story line is that Groucho, Chico and Harpo, in a hotel room, are trying to prepare a play for opening night. Groucho has cheated the hotel out of $16,500–including a bounced check someone else wrote!
Meanwhile, the play’s author (Frank Alberston) has moved in. In order to defend themselves against a ferocious hotel executive, the brothers plan to have Albertson play sick. They decide to go through with this, and Albertson is to moan and groan in front of the supervisor. As he goes to the bed, he says,
“Don’t you worry! I’ll show you the best performance you ever saw in a hotel bedroom!”
Let’s hear some more movie lines that could be construed in a suggestive way. Come on, Teeming Millions:

Damn, needed some review time for this topic.

When Bacall said to Bogie, “You know how to whistle, don’t you? Just pucker up and blow.” – maybe I just have a dirty mind, or maybe it was the look in Lauren’s eyes when she said it – but I’ve always thought she really meant something besides whistling.

I’m so ashamed. People didn’t do that kind of stuff in the 40’s, did they?

In * A Night in Casablanca, * Lisette Verea, as a German spy, said Bacall’s line to Groucho Marx. Then she walked away; Groucho watched for a moment then turned to the camera and said: “That reminds me–I must get my watch fixed.” :wink:

I don’t get it?

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE

In Tommorow Never Dies…
When discussing foreign language, Moneypenny says to 007:
“James, you always were a cunning linguist”
Yikes!! I’ll bet he is!

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

All I have to say is: watch ‘Toy Story’. Tons of lines have double meanings.

Many 007 movies have some great, or really bad, double lines. My fav, from Moon Raker:

“What’s he doing now?”
“I believe he’s attempting re-entry, sir!”

The best part of the Bond movies is the names they give the women. I mean, what other serious film can have a character named Pussy?

A friend of mine came up with the perfect name for Bond’s first female Russian sidekick: Ivana Godanana. (If you don’t get the humor, read the name aloud, with a Russian accent.)

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

To JLPicard: Groucho said that line as he was watching Ms. Verea’s oscillating backside.

The only memorable thing from Tango & Cash:

Kurt Russell’s character is looking at his gun and comparing it to Stallone’s…

Russell: “Hey. How come your’s is bigger than mine?”
Stallone: “Genetics.”

Carpe hoc!

“That’s pretty stiff” Richard Gere

“No, but it’s got potential,” Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman

Okay, maybe that is a little more clearly stated than I remember.

To JLPicard: Groucho said that line as he was watching Ms. Verea’s oscillating backside.

can you draw a diagram? i still don’t get this whole joke cycle.

i never did get the original bacall line either. is that a reference to oral sex or something? if so how? what sort of oral sex peformed by a man involves blowing?

Sorry, Rokket…even if the message board could accommodate graphics, and even if I knew how to draw with it, I can’t for the life of me remember what Ms. Verea’s derriere looked like, let alone draw it in animation. I think her original was adequate. :wink:

two of the worst come from the star wars trilogy:

In Star Wars during the death star raid one pilot says to Luke “Don’t go in so fst you won’t be able to pull out in time”

In Empire Strikes Back Yoda says “Size matters not” that’s what all 300 year old midgets say…

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Most of W.C. Fields’ movies were filled with double entendre. In “My Little Chickadee”, he has a line about knowing how to “dally in the valley.”

On early TV, the all-time champion was Soupy Sales. He got away with a lot of stuff because his target audience was kids. I can remember lots of risque lines and images (including a totally nude blonde lady in the doorway) that usually went right over the heads of the little ones watching. He finally got into trouble because (if I remember correctly) he had kids send “those little green pieces of paper with people’s pictures on them” to him in the mail on a New Year’s Day morning while mom & dad were still “asleep”.

Hey Ralf, I’ve heard a lot of stories about things Soupy did on his show, including a few ULs. (The “green pieces of paper” did actually happen, according to Snopes.) However, I’ve never heard about the nude blonde. Did you actually see that happen?

I saw the scene on a “bloopers” show a long time ago. There really was a nude blonde, who was hired to be there as a practical joke on Sales. She was standing off to the side, and not directly in the doorway; she was visible to him and to one of the cameras, but not to the audience or to the camera which was broadcasting at the time.

The program I saw showed the shot from the camera on which the woman appeared. It was network TV, so of course they blurred out all the good parts.

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

Soupy talked about this with Dr. Demento in an interview. The show was live, of course, but what went out over the airwaves did not included “The naked girl” as Soupy referred to her. I even thought she might be Soupy’s wife! (But then, he might have been furious if it was.)

Okay, now I remember. Thanks, guys.

To add on BurnMeUp’s comments, there is a list of “Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines in Star Wars” floating around the net. I’m too lazy to find it, but any decent humor collection or Star Wars humor site’ll have it.
My favorite is Han to Chewy in ANH: “Get in there ya big furry oaf! I don’t care what ya smell!!!”

JMcC from SFCA