Best DVD Packaging

Kind of an odd question/poll here…

I’ve noticed that while most DVD packaging are fairly straightforward (and sometimes hopelessly generic, like the DVD package for The Shining), there are a few where the manufacturer went the extra mile to create a really nice looking package. I’m not talking about extras like deleted scenes or audio commentaries; I’m talking about the actual physical packaging.

In my collection, the best DVD packages are:

The Godfather DVD Collection. Very well done, high quality work.
Almost Famous: Bootleg Edition
The Sixth Sense…I’m referring to the two-disc set that was recently released, not the single-disc DVD package.
Citizen Kane
Fight Club
Gladiator…I’ve always liked the cover design in particular.

Some poor package designs:

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I’m a big fan of the movie, but the package design here is really…odd.
Both Austin Powers DVDs. The covers are a visual mess.
Planet of the Apes…the Charlton Heston version. I don’t actually own this DVD, but I’ve seen the cover art for it…and how dumb is it to give the ending away on the cover of the frickin’ DVD? Never mind that a lot of the people who are likely to see this DVD have probably already seen it or know of the ending…I just think it’s bad principle to spoil the ending on the DVD’s cover.

I’ve noticed that I tend to like package designs that are understated, instead of the ones that are excessively splashy or overdone. This obviously doesn’t explain my liking Fight Club’s packaging. :wink:

Anyone else wanna chime in?

I prefer the boring, generic packaging, so long as it is an Amaray or Alpha keep case and not a snap case. All those wonderfully-designed nonstandard cases fit oddly on the shelf where I store my DVDs and those made entirely of cardboard will have very limited lifetimes given that the cardboard will ultimately fail from being repeatedly opened and closed along it’s hinges.

For cases such as those, I buy replacement Amaray cases from inetdvd and store the fragile originals away for safekeeping.

But to each his/her own. :slight_smile:

I just got this. You can’t get the hard shell case in Noth America.

The packaging for the Evil Dead: Book of the Dead edition is quite a conversation starter.

I think the packaging for the new SE of The Usual Suspects is pretty snazzy.

Even though it doesn’t fit neatly into a bookcase and the packaging is otherwise kinda flimsy, I like the little wooden box that The Wicker Man LE came in.

And Brazil’s Criterion packaging is still mighty cool.

The best DVD package (inside and outside) I’ve seen belongs to Moulin Rouge.

For artistic merit, I nominate the Twin Peaks - The Complete First Season DVD. It actually makes a point with its somewhat elaborate packaging. Spooky.

Yeah I would second Fight CLub. Best packaging out of the 30 or so dvds I own.

Boogie Nights and Se7en also

Well, Akira came in a nifty metal case. The special edition of Total Recall, comes in a metal case which is supposed to be Mars. It even includes the Cydonia ‘face’.

The limited edition collector’s set of 2001: A Space Odyssey comes in a nice box with a soundtrack CD and a frame of 70mm film from the movie. There are several other titles that are packaged this way.

Add another vote for the Criterion version of Brazil.

Tombstone (the Vista collection) Nice Sepia tone, folds out nicely with decent pictures.

I’m not too sure on the Godfather collection, I wished for something a little hardier.
TWO Huge Thumbs up for Evil Dead! You can’t walk by it without touching it at least once.

I thought the Basic Instinct DVD was pretty cool - It comes in a clear case that looks like a block of ice and comes with a ice pick shaped pen. How cool is that?


How can you watch a dvd that’s been coded for Region 2? Are there players available now that can read discs from multiple regions? Is there a way around it?


In short, pbrtallboy, yes, there are so-called “region-free” players out there. You might want to check out the message forums at DVD Talk or Home Theater Forum for more info.

I like the Ultimate Toy Box packaging (it’s both Toy Story movies and an extras DVD) – three individual DVD cases, a silvery box to hold 'em, and a transparent slipcase to hold that. Really tickles me, for some reason.

Using the software that came with my DVD-ROM drive, I was able to change it to view R2 (or any region for that matter).

Repo Man–it comes in a big tin and the front is a California license plate that says REPO MAN.

Dogma Special Edition–the case is designed to look like a bible.

The metal case that used to come with Terminator 2

Oh, and be careful with DVD-ROM drives–they can only be switched from region to region a limited number of times, then you’re stuck.

My suggestion: if you are that into R2 DVDs, get a stand-alone and leave your DVD-ROM always on R2.

Unless, of course (rubs chin, looks warily around the room), there’s a program that allows you to reset that feature.

That’s what I’ve done. I’m looking into getting a new video card that has a video out feature so that I can watch DVDROMs on my TV.

Just got an e-mail from someone who was curious as to what a snap case is and why they’re bad. For more info on this, I would refer the curious reader to this thread at Home Theater Forum for a discussion of snapper cases that is at least a little pro-and-con. Most discussion of them at that site tend to deteriorate into rants pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Gotta second (third?) the mention of Evil Dead: Book of the Dead. Love the ear on the back. Freaky texture also.

‘Moulin Rouge’. I like the cover art, the inside of the package and what’s on the DVD itself (check out all the easter eggs; there are dozens and they’re amazing ones).

Also, ‘Evil Dead’ is pretty weird. Never seen the movie, but the DVD caught my eye immediately.