Best < Fill in the Blank > Lines

The horse is dead. Stop beating it!

Uh, Wearia just did this, a couple of hours ago.

While I’m here, I’ve just gotta say that the best BobLibDem line is:


is a worthy challenger.

I totally agree, by the way. Are we going to have one of these threads for every freaking Simpsons character ever, and then some?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread. With any hope, Cafe Society will soon return to normal.

Dang, sorry I didn’t see the Wearia thread. I just want to see Cafe Society return to its old self.

<meta-parody>I find the Pit is too full of people bemoaning “Best <…> lines” posts in CS. Come on people, find something new and original to post about, why don’t you? But nooo… it’s always the same old, same old.</parody>

Sorry, just kidding. But I like them. Maybe they’d do better in one big thread, but I don’t see the harm so long as people continue to post in them. They’re easy to avoid. And I think they’ve started to die as of ‘best maggie simpson lines’ anyway.

Thank you Bob, I noticed this last night and was planning to write an identical OP in the morning. I can understand Simpsons lines, but Hans Moleman lines? The joke OP folks have moved in to kill of the phenomenon so we may be able to stage a hostile re-takeover of Cafe Society.

I was just befuddled when I opened Cafe last night to find there were about three actual threads and twenty ‘test your memory and repeat lines from movies or TV threads’. Please make it stop.


Why did a pony have to die?

[Vincent Price]

I’ve created a monster! Mwuhahahahaha!

[/Vincent Price]
Please resume flogging the exanimate equine.

Beyond fucking annoying, IMHO. Worst spate of shameless knock-off threads in a long time. A few of them had nothing to do with Cafe Society, and the rest were minor variations of an existing thread. I guess that’s what you do when you want attention but have nothing to offer.

Speaking as someone who strives to bring worthwhile content to these boards, I’ll call a spade a spade and agree with you, elf6c. I think the Bactrian mammal’s spine began to crack with the advent of the “Funniest Maggie Simpson Lines” thread.

I was also bugged, but the reason I was bugged is now bugging me. It is yet another sign of my growing fuddy-duddyness. When I saw the big list of them I was thinking “They couldn’t save a few of those threads and use them during the rest of the winter when we need a good laugh?”. I am pathetic.