Best free homepage space

What service is the best at giving a free homepage? I just want somewhere to post text and a few images, nothing fancy. I want to do the HTML, and possibly Java, myself (I have a great program for that kind of stuff on my computer) and upload to the server. Ads are not a big deal, but I’d rather not have popups. So, suggestions, warnings, off-color humor?

Try No ads* and no space limit. They are down today while they install new servers, though.

[sub]*They did recently have temporary popups in order to pay for the new servers, but I believe that’s over with now[/sub]

Crosswinds SUCKS. They’re VERY slow, and down half the time.

Angelfire isn’t TOO bad, although they deleted my account without warning last month, so I’m not real thrilled.

I’m now on topcities, which seems okay…150Meg of space, been pretty fast, and hasn’t been down.

20m is good. As the name implies, you get 20 megs, but it’s up most of the time, has a nice short url (e.g. ), and you get a (supposedly) unlimited number free email addys for you and your friends/family/dog/etc. They have templates, or you can do your own work, and upload it via FTP or their fair-to-middlin’ file manager. Standard banner ad at the top of the page. Definitely better than Angelfire (I used AF previously).

Sign up’s at

I use And it’s great! “unlimited” space, no ads automatically placed on your page, and it’s totally free! They also have some other features, like message boards, and other stuff which I haven’t really used yet.

Time for some shameless self-promotion; check out my webpage here.

Here is an excellent site. Just enter in the desired size of site you want and it will list all web sites at or above that range. It also tells you if there is FTP access, any ads, html uploading, etc.

I personally use They seem to be pretty good, although I haven’t done all that much.

I’ve been happy with Tripod. 50 mb of space, always loads quickly for me, and the banner ad isn’t that bad. At least I had the option of that or a pop up.