Best Game Yet

Let’s see who can go the longest without posting! Handy is summarily disqualified.


I lose.

As a matter of fact, I am going to post two hundred and four times just to catch up to you.

In this thread.

Try to stop me.


Way to go, shi…


Make that two hundred and five times.

Oh, I got loooooooots to go before I have wasted the same amount of time here.

Sure, you couldn’t do this game last week when I was still in lurk mode.

You’re all losers.


Annnnnnnnnnd, START!

Crap, I wasn’t ready, can we have a do over?

Playing a game isn’t about winning and losing, ya know, it’s about having fun and right now I’m having a ball.

I hate this game.

The only problem with this game is to let people know you are playing you have to lose…

I’m in!

Uh no, wait, I guess I’m out.

This is not a post. I mean, just so you know. And stuff.

This isn’t a post either, I was checking to see if my password still worked.

Does this count?..I was seeing if I can type while my keyboard is buried under snow.

Mr C, do we permission to post to this thread.

Oh I get it, it’s the anti-post thread, you can only win if you don’t post to it.

Am I right?

Am I?


Am I?

Hey can I play? What do I gotta do to…oh.

Ok, I’m going to try this one more time and…

Aw, dammit!

I win! I win! Ya’ll are such losers… umm… wait a sec, here.