In which I forgot what I was going to post about...

Hm…so whats this about?

About two posts long, so far.

Wow. That’s…weird. Maybe it’ll be 3 posts long soon. WOW!

And this makes four…hmmm

I wonder who’ll be tenth…

I don’t care about 10th…I just want to be fifth

:smiley: Hurray! We have a winner! :smiley:

(your name here), you have just made the ultimate Mundane and Pointless post. You will receive a lovely victory certificate which, uh, certifies your victory. Well, you won’t actually receive it, but you’re hereby authorized to create your own certificate (preferably with some nice Word template or Publishing program to get all the fancy, official looking squiggly stuff around the borders).

You will also receive a cash prize - I will personally endorse this check for 35 cents that I received from the telephone company when I complained about losing money in a pay phone. Oh wait, the check expired. Never mind.

Anyway, that’s it. We found the most mundane post ever - the most pointless conceivable. We can all go home now. Mods, please close this forum.


Can anyone post something MORE pointless?

Hey, I’ve done something useful here! w00t!

Hey, what about that jelly stain on my pants?

The game keeps going on and there’s no score. Fieldgoals go wide. Touchdown passes are dropped. The ball rolls around the rim but falls to the side. Another pop-up, another strikeout. The goalie makes the stop. Bridge hands are passed. None take any hearts. They volley and volley and volley. All the contestants are equally unbeautiful and ungraceful and untalented. Skiers fall. The ball rolls into the gutter. Monsters shoot you. The leaderboard stands empty. All SAT answers are incorrect with no base count for “name”.

It’s all so pointless.

He, what do you mean I’ve got a short attention span. I’ve got a really long…HEY A BIRD!

Several Hours Later

Aw, c’mon ma, I like my bluejay!

Ma: I don’t care, just keep im off yo shoulder! De jelly stains is hard enough to get out witout that stupid pigeon whitewashin’ yo shirt!


Ma: No buts! Now go massage yo aunties blue seude shoes!

The next poster will be the 10th, thus answering my question from a little while ago…oh the suspense!!


Now THAT’S ironic.

I’m upset…Why did (your name here) have to sneak that post in?

A winner!

But first…


Fighting against ignorance, for pointless ranting, and the Doper way!


I played Everquest last night. Got into a group killing goblins. We killed a few, but then we had some bad luck and my little avatar died. </mourn my poor Hobbit 'toon> :frowning:

I ended the night with fewer experience points than when I started, so I guess the evening was a waste of time. Hours of fun turned out to be pointless. :mad:

Oh wait, I played a game and had fun. That is the point! :smiley:

And then there was the time I ate the red berries! Man, I cleared out the wonder pup lounge. Those puppies are so cute. Last week they found my kazoo! I have some fond memories of that. One time remembered that I was a French protestent fleeing noxious fart fumes. That reminds of the time I ate the red berries…

I have a good feeling about this post. I think it was supposed to be about cheese, but I’m not sure.

Worst ad campain ever:

I aks

You aks

We all aks…for Ajax.

This thread reminds me of an eisode of Seinfeld. You know the one…

I remember this cool thread I was going to post about this guy I forget his name who climbed up on this high thing and one of the planks broke and he fell and broke that thing in his walking part and the guy or gal that you go to when you’re sick or broken put a hold straight thingy on him and told him some things he couldn’t do but you know what as soon as he could he climbed back up on the high thing again and I can’t remember what happened then but I wonder how many other people that happened to and what their shoe sizes are don’t you?

I’d just like to say that I’ve been a fan of (your name here) since his very first post, and I just knew that someday, somehow, he’d achieve everything that he’s done here in this thread.

I’m so proud.