Best horror MST3K

Okay dopers I need your help. I want to watch a horror movie on Halloween, but they give my girlfriend nightmares so we are going to watch a MST3K horror movie and I want to know which ones you think are best. My option for movies is Netflix so it has to be on there. It doesn’t have to be streaming though. I could just look through em and pick myself, but I decided to see what you all like.

“Best” in its standard meaning or “best” in its MST3K meaning (which would be “most hilariously worst”)?

I’d say the scariest and most hilarious would be Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.

“Remember kids, believe in magic or I’ll kill you!”

MANOS Hands of Fate

The latter of course. :slight_smile:

Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues. I don’t know if you can call it horror, but it’s pretty damn funny.

If you can stand the pacing, it’s hilarious. But it is one of those movies that’s absolutely unwatchable without the MST3K treatment - it has a bit of a creepy atmosphere but it’s not scary, it’s just extremely boring.

If you enjoy creature features, Squirm is a really great episode. The movie is almost watchable and the commentary is hilarious. That’s also the episode with the most terrifying short of all time: [Coily]NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SPRINGS![/Coily]

Either The Screaming Skull or Devil Doll would do nicely.

“Can we help you, movie lady? Do you need a push or something?”

Mike’s first episode “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”, has made its way into our yearly Halloween must-see pile. Bit of gore, decent monster and some first-rate riffing.

“Ironically, he collapses into an armchair.”
“Rocky Graziano!”
“Lucy, I’m ho----AHHHH LUCY OH MY GOD!!”

“The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” is first in the running along with Merlin. Some of the others sound good, but Squirm and koeeoaddi’s don’t seem to be on netflix as a MST3K version

The incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed-up Zombies. That is all.

Netflix Instant or just Netflix? The Killer Shrews is supposed to be a horror movie, but is just awful (though the riffing is quite good) and available either way. Zombie Nightmare is not what you think it is, a zombie movie as we’d understand it today but a movie about an actual, voodoo-style zombie. I haven’t seen Werewolf. Hercules Against the Moon Men is hilarious, and if you could find a copy of Samson vs the Vampire Women that would be even better, but that one isn’t available. Boggy Creek II is available disc-only. The Blood Waters of Dr. Z is really too slow, even with Mike and the Bots. The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy is funny, but a bit jarring as it’s a first season and is definitely YMMV.

Most of what’s been suggested above is available by mail, but if you need instant, I’d suggest The Killer Shrews.

Mail is fine. I did say it before, but I’ll forgive you this once. Thanks for the suggestions.


IMHO, Werewolf is in the top 5 all-time MST3K episodes. And given that it’s a classic horror monster, this is a perfect choice.

Samson Vs. The Vampire Women?

Samson, Mexican wrestler (complete with ski mask, shiny underwear, and cape) showing up for the Governor’s ball is just one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.


Several favorites of mine:

Horror at Party Beach
Giant Spider Invasion
Parts: The Clonus Horror

All excellent, horrible horror films with great MST3K lines.


I strongly endorse this, so much so, that I will be watching it tonight, thanks to this thread.


Wurrwilf is a must-see, for the hair stylings alone.