Best iPod holder for exercising?

I am buying my GF an iPod for her birthday. She is a regular at the local gym so I want to include a holder for her so she can listen while exercising.

What I do not know is if the armbands or hip holders or whatever are preferable.

I know this is subjective but this is for opinions to that’s fine. While I am not sure what her routines consist of I am pretty sure she does not run on the track but prefers treadmills, stairmasters, some weight lifting and use of some other miscellaneous machines. Don’t know if that makes a difference but there FWIW.

Thanks in advance!

Honestly? A pocket.

I’ve tried a bunch of different holders, and they all have a fatal flaw: they make the iPod hard to get to. I guess it’s OK if you never want to change what you’re listening to, but it seems like more often than not I get sick of the music, or the podcast I’m listening to isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be.

About the only thing I sorta like is the lanyard/headphone thing that I bought for the Nano. It clips onto the bottom of the Nano (not the headphone slot) and is worn like a necklace around your neck. You can easily get to the controls. But it only works with the Nano I think.

I use one like this: It clips on your waistband and you can still access the buttons.

Does this assessment change if you get one of those headphones that has controls on the headphone wire? Like these. It says you can control playback and volume and so on.

No, because what I want to do most often is choose another playlist or podcast. Adjusting the sound and pausing/going to the next track would be handy, but not enough to fix my problem.

The sleeve Gaudere posted would probably work, but it’s worse than a pocket IMO. In a pocket, you just reach in, grab the iPod, make your change, and put it back. I can do that while running (or whatever I happen to be doing). I’m not dexterous enough to put a clippy thing back on a waistband while running - you have to get it on there really good so your $300 iPod doesn’t fall off and shatter, and I never feel like I can do that unless I stop what I’m doing and use both hands.

Yeah, but my workout clothes only have teeny pockets that won’t fit an ipod. I don’t unclip to change playlists, I tilt the ipod up so I can see it and make edits.

I use the DLO Action Jacket. I got it at Best Buy, I think. I like it because it stays on my arm, out of the way of flailing limbs, but if I want to punch buttons, it’s not too far away.

I have found that it’s next to impossible to find women’s exercise shorts with pockets these days. Adidas is about the only brand I can find that make them. I buy men’s shorts so I have a place for my phone and keys, but they’re not terribly becoming.

IMO pockets don’t work well. The best I’ve seen involves clipping it to the clothing somehow at the front/side/back of the waist, or the neck. I’ve also seen them stuffed into sports bras, not sure how comfortable that would be. Depends on the size of the player, I’d guess.

Along with whatever exercise holder device you get her, might I also recommend an extender for the earbuds? I know that if I run mine up my back behind my head to put them in my ears, the cord is close to being too short if the iPod is in an armband. They would be way too short in my pocket.

Oh good, I’m not alone then. I shove my nano down my bra. It’s not uncomfortable, but I do worry sometimes that I will sweat too much into it and damage it. I had a case with a clip, but the case made it harder to use the controls. Clipping it anywhere lower than my neckline made the earbud cord swing around annoyingly, and the case itself was a bit bulky. The only time mine stays in a pocket is if I’m taking a stroll.

The armband one that Apple sells works pretty well.

It’s a bit of a pain if you use the shoulder machine, but you can take it off for that. It stays in place just fine for everything else.

I get some sweat in it on heavy cardio days, but I take the Ipod out when done. So far, no ill effects.

What kind of iPod?

I have an iPod classic, and I don’t find that anything works well. They’re too heavy to be worn easily. I used to just shove it in my pocket. Same with my iPhone…it’s just too big to bother with, so it goes in my pocket when listening to it on a walk.

My 2G nano, however, works really well with an armband. I forget who makes it, but I have an armband that comprises a black rubber skin that leaves the display and click wheel open, and a velcro/elastic strap. I use that all the time when I’m walking, running, or mowing the lawn. It’s great.

I can’t stand wires, period. So I use Logitech wireless headphones and just set the player down on my towel somewhere in the vicinity of where I’m working out.

I second the “what kind of iPod” question. I like using my iPod Touch in movie mode when I use the cardio machines, but for lifting I’m afraid of dropping/smashing it and I find it is too big/awkward to use comfortably with a clip case. I bought a 1 GB shuffle to use exclusively at the gym for when I’m not doing cardio. My SO uses a Nano with a clear silicone case (Speck) that has a clip and he says it is light enough.