Best looking Coupe/Sedan

Planning on getting a new vehicle, and I was just looking for some opinions on the cosmetic aspect of this decision.

(Max cost would be 30,000, so no Ferraris or the like, please)



I like the…

Mazda 3

Mazda 6

Subaru WRX impreza

The 06 Civic Concept looks real slick, but I haven’t seen the production car yet.

Honda accord (coupe only!)

Scion TC is a decent looking car

I think the new 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse is out.
Unsure if they run under 30k
BMW 3 series
Infinity g35 coupe <-- was car of the year a few years back by motor trend. I just think it’s a beautiful car.

Uh, as you can tell I like sportyish cars.

What were you looking for?

I think one of the best designed bodied on the road right now is the Accura TL.

BMW looks like it was put together by a bunch of gibbons with blow torches.

Audi (still my favourite) looks like the front was abandoned by the designer in frustration but the rest is pretty nice.

VW is going for the Toyota customers with their new Jetta. Awfull. The Passat is going to be a bit nicer from the photos I’ve seen.

Hyundai Sonnata is surprisingly nice.

Mazda, Subaru seem intent on making their cars look instantly dated the minute they role out of the factory.

Saab and Volvo are quite nice but I’m getting tired of the sedan shapes.

American cars range from the typically generic to the instantly outdated and over designed.

I just bought a Pontiac G6 GT. I like it a lot and I paid $26,000 for mine (damn employee discount pricing for everyone started after I bought it). I’ve been getting around 31-33 mpg on the highway with it and its V-6 engine.

Really, because I was thinking about the G6 myself. Are there any things you don’t like about it?

I don’t like that it has daytime running lights, but I doubt that counts… :wink: I get a lot of people complimenting my car’s looks and I almost had a truck driver veer into my lane while he was staring… The 200 hp engine won’t whip your head back, but it does have enough oomph to get onto the highway and up to speed before getting run over by a truck.

I second an Acura TL. I know nothing about engines and such, but the interior is lovely and really, really comfy.

I love the Mazda 6.

These days, my heart is all a-flutter for the Pontiac Solstice (Aeschines started a thread about this car last week). I know there’s conventional wisdom against buying a new model during its debut year, but if I had the money I’d seriously consider getting one of these anyway. :slight_smile:

I love the new Mustangs. You can get a convertable for just under $30k.