Best-looking Saturday Night Live regulars?

Darrell Hammond

Sarah Silverman is my imaginary girlfriend. But I’m secretly cheating on her with my imaginary mistress Tina Fey while finding myself strangley drawn to imaginary mystery woman Maya Rudolph. All while keeping it a secret from imaginary ex-love Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

And I’d completely forgotten that Nancy Walls used to be on the show. There’s got to be some way to work her into my rich SNL fantasy life…

I seventh Tina Fey.

Jimmy Fallon-yum.
Adam Sandler was adorable before he got so famous.
Amy Poehler rocks my heterosexual yet curious world.
Horatio Sanz is a much cuter fat guy than Chris Farley.

I’m such a sucker for Jimmy Fallon.

Molly Shannon.

[Jane Curtin]Under this dress, I’m wearing: high heels… stockings… and a garter belt.[/Jane Curtin]

I’m paraphrasing, but that was a formative moment in my teen years.

Tina Fey.

Tina Fey!

Tina Fey, damn you, I said Tina Fey!

  1. Ana Gasteyer
  2. Cheri Oteri
  3. Janeane Garafalo (yes, she WAS on the show)
  4. Sarah Silverman (see #3)
  5. Tina Fey

yeah, I didn’t put anyone from the 70’s or 80’s on this list. deal with it.

Tina Fey, in a smart-girl-next-door way. She’s SNL’s head writer, so there’s something inside that head of hers.

Rachel Dratch has a following because of her … uhhh … well, you can just see here.

Laura Kightlinger. Definitely.

I often thought Jan Hooks looked good, too.

Did you notice during the recent skit where the guy sings the love rap to the woman from Alias during the news segment? A couple of times the camera pulls back and Tina is singing and bopping along to the music, pretty adorable, also made me realize she probably wrote it.

Sarah Silverman
Janeane Garofalo
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Laura Kightlinger
Maya Rudolph
Ellen Cleghorne

Among regular female cast members who were on the show for more than a year, my picks are (in chronological order):

–Gilda Radner (Uncoventionally attractive plus funny.)

–Jane Curtin

–Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Too bad they never gave her anything good to do.)

–Jan Hooks (Underrated. I liked her better than Victoria Jackson.)

–Julia Sweeney (For reasons having to do with local bias.)

–Tina Fey (For reasons already stated.)

–Amy Poehler (Same.)

–Maya Rudolph


Amy Poehler. She has this thing of getting more attractive each and every time I saw her. And watching her last night I thought to myself “Wow, I’d bang that Michael Jackson!”

Tina Fey is close though.

Eddie Murphy is man-pretty.

  1. Janeane Garafalo
  2. Gilda Radner
  3. Tina Fey

I think Rachel Dratch is sort of cute, and when it was pointed out to me, I saw a resemblance between her and jarbabyj.

I got a thing for the young Dan Ackroyd. And I was even more intrigued after I read that he had a romance with practically every female cast member and writer during his SNL tenure- and they all ended up friends with him after it was over.

David Spade. It’s the sarcasm that gets me.

Jan Hooks

Sarah Silverman

Laura Kightlinger- really cute in a sleazy kind of way

Gail Matthius