Best-looking Saturday Night Live regulars?

I remember finding Pamela Stephanson in the 80’s very attractive. Cheri O’Teri was pretty cute too, IMO.

Tina Fey.


I like Maya Rudolph.

I so VERY much second the nomination of Tina Fey.

She can update my weekend anytime.

Victoria Jackson! I emailed her a fan letter a few years ago regarding this very topic.

Tina Fey

Jan Hooks
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Nancy Walls

Open this to “featured performers” and Sarah Silverman and Laura Kightlinger deserve some consideration.

Morenna Banks was allegedly a full cast member; unfortunately, I can’t remember what she looked like or what she did on the show.

Tina Fey is number one in my book, absolutely. Maya Rudolph is second, and Amy Poehler (sp?) third.

Janeane Garofalo and Tina Fey. Maya Rudolph is not exactly pretty, but hot in the “I’d put a map of Hawaii on her back” kind of way (thanks SDMB for the wonderful turn of phrase!).

Ooh, I forgot about Janeane Garofalo (is that the way you spell it?)! Move her up to number two.

Cheri Oteri

Fred Armisen!!!:smiley:

I think Victoria Jackson is the only female cast member who made sex appeal a regular part of her comedy.

My favorite was when she dressed up in the Christmas outfit and sat in Dennis Miller’s lap during Weekend Update for a musical number. Who could forget Dennis Miller’s response: “Suddenly I’m sitting here with a candy cane!”

There was a woman in the cast in the mid 1990’s. She wasn’t all that funny, but damn cute. She was petite and had dark hair, and mainly did Jewish jokes. I would look on, but there were a lot of people on that show in total to sort through.

Victoria Jackson, Nancy Walls and Sarah Silverman.

End of rant.

Sarah Silverman and Laura Kightlinger…

…who are involved with Jimmy Kimmel and Jack Black, respectively. Further proof of the lack of justice in the world.

syncrolecyne, maybe that was Sarah Silverman? She’s one of those where sometimes she looks plain to me, and other times she looks very attractive. She was on “Greg The Bunny”, if you happen to be one of the few who watched that show, and I rememebr her looking pretty good on the show.

Here’s a fan site:

I really think Amy Poehler is a little hottie. She has the sexiest eyebrows.

Jane Curtin was a looker in her day too, that ignorant slut! :smiley:

Julia Louise-Dreyfus
Tina Fey

Jimmy Fallon.


Another vote for Tina Fey.