Best network for Tuesday

In the old days, election night broadcasts were not full of talking heads (who mostly have no idea what they are talking about anyway). was mesmerized by watching the numbers roll as they switched from House to Senate results to state by state presidential voting. Is there any network (or web site, actually) that reports elections in that way?

Election nights were always full of talking heads talking about the numbers coming in. I remember every election night since 1968. It’s never been different.

Whatever network you choose will have all the numbers they can squeeze in along with all the analysis they can squeeze in. Same as always.

I reccomend C-span, and a pot full of strong coffee.

Comedy Central.

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Did you watch it four years ago? I meant to, but forgot. Can you give us a review?

The first election coverage I watched was in 1952. Just take my word for it, will ya?

I missed 1960, being an impecunious grad student with no TV, but I stayed by the radio nearly all night. Little did I know that I only delayed Nixon by only 8 years. Nor that I would look back on him as one of the better presidents compared to his successors.