Best election coverage?

What channel is likely to provide the best coverage on Nov. 8? The best I ever saw was in 2008 when John Stewart and Stephen Colbert jointly hosted a show. They had the best coverage including county by county differences between 2008 and 2004. But they did not repeat (or I could not find it) in 2012.

How long is a piece of string?


What does it matter, really? In the end, the exact and precise results will be right there, and everyone will agree on them.

In the last election, I watched PBS very late, and the staid vanilla PBS News Hour people let their hair down, and were funny as hell, very clever and wry, really having an amusingly good time.

I’ll second PBS but admit that anything I watch in terms of election news that day is more for the entertainment value as anything.

On election night 2008, I found that hanging out in the SDMB Election Night thread gave me faster, more accurate information and better analysis than any of the news networks. I did enjoy the Daily Show/Colbert special and rewatched it many times over the next few years.

FYI, this year Colbert will be hosting a live Election Night special on Showtime.

I like CNN mostly (ok, just about all) because of John King and his “magic board”, where they distill down to the county level. Though the rest of it is mostly insufferable.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about him. He was light years ahead of the pack.

Didn’t CNN do some nonsense with “holograms” in the last presidential election? That seemed stupid and not at all useful in illustrating the status of the election.

And Stephen Colbert will be doing a live election night special on Showtime starting at 11pm Eastern time. I may watch that.

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Oh right, holograms projections of the two chambers, wasn’t it?

I found it confusing. A simple illustration with coloured dots works better.

(Mind you, our local station made a hash of it a few years ago trying to use scales and coloured disks to try to explain the dynamics of a majority government in our local parliament. It’s not just the tech that can cause the confusion. )

If there was even the slightest chance of another epic Karl Rove-like meltdown, I would absolutely watch it on Fox News.

Maybe we can get Hannity to self-combust?

On the OP, I’d prefer NPR and the SDMB.

We’ll be switching. I assume there will be coverage from TDS, but it won’t be the same. I think mostly we’ll watch MSNBC because they won’t even try to hide their glee.

I’m going to be watching it with the rest of the campaign staff and volunteers. 2012, I didn’t get in until 9pm, by which time the celebration had definitely started.

And I have to tell you, a fusion African American / Latino drunk fest by overworked, celebratory campaign staff finally getting a chance to take a day off, is a joy to experience.

MSNBC. Rachel Maddow. What more do you need?

Early prediction:

Trump will lose, but before that I think he will win Ohio, and until other battleground state is won by Clinton the media will incant that “whoever wins Ohio wins the contest!”

Their usually fraudulent “fair and balanced” claims notwithstanding, I’ve found Fox’s election coverage pretty solid in years past. They’ll be in my rotation that night, if only to watch the Trump dead-enders slowly shrivel into empty husks.

I’m hoping CNN has segments with their usual panels of surrogates, just so I can savor the ultimate failure of the Trumpsters as it happens. I want to see Kayleigh McEnany cry. I want Jeffrey Lords to pull out a bottle of Scotch and start guzzling it down. I want to see Scottie Nell Hughes just get up and walk off the set, never to be seen or heard from ever again, by anyone. I want Corey Lewandowski to take a swing at Ana Navarro and get escorted out by security. I want to see Katrina Pierson sprout horns and leathery wings and fly away clutching Don Lemon in her talons.

Probably most of that won’t happen. I would settle for Kayleigh’s tears.