Best online Radio Stations?

I have broadband. I just realized I am not using it 100%. That’s why I need help from fellow dopers.
In my opinion the most exciting thing you can do online (besides watching porn :)) is listening to radio stations from around the world.
So I want to make a list of good radio stations.
My idea is that people will mention those stations that represent their country. For example a frenchman will say to a foreigner: “when you are in Paris eat a baguette, visit the louvre and listen too…”.
The best example is, I think, the BBC but every country has one or many representative stations.
Unfortunately I only speak french, portuguese, english and spanish. So I won’t be listening to a chinese station but I am sure another poster will be thrilled to do so.
Finally, if you can, provide a link.
P.D. I just realized that music is the universal language, so a good classical, rock, pop, etc music station, whichever the language will be a good add to anyone’s list.

You could always listen to my station, WSYC-FM. We play a bunch of different stuff, so there’s something you’ll like.


It’s pretty far off from what you asked for, but Snakenet is about as good as you can get for metal radio.

WWOZ - New Orleans and Louisiana Music Radio is my favorite

KEXP is a good indie rock station.

I will suggest Energy Arizona for dance music.

If you like Jazz, WKPLU in Seattle/Tacoma is excellent. WYSO in Yellow Springs Ohio is an excellant station for indie rock & other kinda cool stuff.

Best Classical station I’ve found.

KEXP ( is hands down the best online radio station. THE cutting edge of new music–what’s his name, Harcourt, hears his stuff there first; many of the most progressive radio stations use KEXP’s playlist as a starting point. Plus they win a lot of those polls about online stations, and their website just won a Webbie for the best online radio site in the world.

Plus, I have some input into their new music rotation, so you KNOW it’s gotta be good.

Brisbane, Australia’s Easy 882 - 4BH plays a mix of Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk, Swing, and Country. It’s not unusual to hear some '50s Doo-Wop followed by the Beatles, Mary Hopkin, Harry Connick, Jr., and Willie Nelson.

WNCW Spindale NC an ecletic mix of well, everything.

eclectic :smack:

The Winamp player from has a built-in media player that retrieves a big list of stations. I’ve been listening to the ‘Ambient Chill’ station at work.

Commercial free radio in some great stations, featuring lots of bands you don’t hear much anymore. I’m hooked on radioio80s, but delve sometimes into radioiorock.

Nina Hagen - Zarah is currently being played, never heard it, but love it.