Best Overall Fitness App

With my new job I not only have better hours and am closer to home, but I’m perfectly suited to get back to working out after work…yay!

Mostly what I’m trying to do is get leaner and make my pants fit again. I’m going to be doing a combination of running and lifting, but I don’t exactly know what to do. I’m less nervous about running because I’ve done running before and have a routine I use, but I am absolutely clueless when it comes to lifting. I’m not looking to get into bodybuilding or joining the NFL, but I’d like to tone up and at least try and make people jealous when I wear a cutoff at Disney.

A friend of mine uses some kind of fitness app I can’t remember the name of, but it was for Apple only and I can’t use it. Does anyone else have any fitness app suggestions I can use on my Android? Ideally I’m going to work out at least three (if not four) times a week and I’d love something I can track that tells me what to focus on and when. The app she used looked really cool and had videos on form and technique as well as a way to track progress. I’d like something like that, but I’m open to any and all suggestions.


MyFitnessPal is my preferred.

The exercise is great (and I’ve also used MyFitnessPal) but the goal you’ve set is mostly achieved at the dinner table, not the gym. Losing weight is mostly controlled by diet, not exercise. Both help, but changing your diet is more likely to get you to your goal than an exercise app.

Fortunately MyFitnessPal also has a food tracker. :slight_smile:

My diet is quite stable and any weight gain I’ve gotten in the past years coincided with my ability to exercise. Once running died I ballooned up, once I brought it back, the weight went down.

The newest part, and why I’m looking for an app, is I never added weights into the mix before and I don’t know what I’m doing to show some definition and not tear a muscle with bad form

If you’re concerned about form with weight lifting, you should really consider working with a personal trainer until you feel comfortable with the exercises. An app isn’t going to give you correct form. Once you’re comfortable with the moves then using an app to track your progress is a great idea.

Don’t jump into weightlifting right away. Do some sort of total-body core fitness program first. I would recommend you join a gym which has group classes like kick boxing, body pump, boot camp. Take those kinds of classes for a couple of months to build up a good base of overall fitness. The instructor will guide you on proper form. Then if you want to get into weightlifting, you’ll be more familiar with proper posture and have the core strength to lift properly.

If you prefer working out on your own, there are many total-body fitness programs that you can get on streaming channels, youtube, etc. where you don’t need equipment. You can easily do them at home and get a great workout. Just be sure you are careful to monitor your own form since you won’t have an instructor to point out your flaws or ask questions to.

I’m curious - what role do you expect an app to play in your fitness regimen?

My mom swears by MyFitnessPal.
My dad has unfortunately gone another route, colitis caused by a parasite and can’t keep weight on his already-small frame. I wish I could take that from him. Especially because I couldn’t get MyFitnessPal to work on my Android phone.

Tell me what muscle groups to focus on and on which days*. I wouldn’t hate it if he showed me form too (my friend’s app did that), but that would be more of a cherry on top than a necessity.

Something to the effect of "curl this weight for these days x number of times, and then next day do chest press for this weight, then do triceps…etc. Then, ideally, have it tell me when to add weight and when to take it off.

This is essentially how I learned to run when I was just running.

I do realize I can find all of this online, but an app would just be easier

One app that I know is good is called Volt. It’s often used by teams to create custom workouts for their athletes when they are working out on their own. They also have a mode for individuals who aren’t part of a team. My kids have used Volt and I thought it was pretty good for strength workouts. It does what you want, where it says do this kind of lift for this many reps. It had different kinds of workouts on different days so different muscles were stressed more or less, or rest, or whatever. I’ve only seen the team mode since that’s what my kids had. I’m assuming the individual mode lets you put in your goals and it comes up with a program.

Just be sure you are extra careful about form when you’re doing this on your own. It’s super easy to have bad form when lifting, which can slow your progress and could lead to injuries. It might be worth doing a session or two with a trainer where you specifically get advice on proper form when lifting.

Whatever works for you. I was just curious.

In the past, I kept records of some of my workouts. When I was lifting seriously, I recorded my exercises/reps/sets for each day, as I was constantly trying to increase my max. I did that on a paper form with a pen.

Then when I ran a lot, I kept track of the dates/mileage/time, just recording the info from my watch onto a legal pad when I got back to my computer after the run.

Most recently I’ve been swimming, and for a while I kept track of days and laps.

But I’m an old guy from the dead tree ages. And there is little that I like to do on my phone other than make phone calls if there is ANY alternative. And now that I’m a creaky old fart, it is enough for me to know that I generally swim 2x a week and bike 2x a week. Don’t need no app for that! :smiley:

I had thought you were thinking of having your phone with you while you were working out to give you prompts or to record things. Given my preferences, I have no desire to fiddle with my phone while working out, but I realize that makes me a dinosaur. For the stuff you describe, yeah, I’d prefer to get it out of a book - or off a website.

Hope you find what works for you.