How are people feeling about Discourse?

I’m still in a vBulletin form, and is such a breath of fresh air to go back to its neat boxed compartmentalization, instead of grayed out stuff swimming all over the page.

If you like boxes, you could try the Discourse-classic theme.

The one feature I would really like is a post head trap that pins the top line of the post under the banner so that scrolling through a long post keeps the name of the author in view until you get to the next post.

You should also consider the possibility that you may be a cat.

Thanks. I forgot why I switched to SD light. I like the names there.

Great idea. Thanks. I’m going to check this out. Chrome is really slow for me with too many tabs open.

Nice! Thanks, that works great.

I like this one too. Now I can’t decide between Sam’s Simple theme and Discourse classic theme. Both have good points.

I just encountered a weird thing.

When I opened IMHO, this thread appeared at the top of the list, above the “last visit” line, indicating that something had happened “7h” ago.

When I opened the thread, I saw that the last post was one I had made in Aug 19. Any idea why this wouda floated to the top of the pile?

Probably revived by a spammer that was then removed.

I wasn’t sure I’d hang around after discourse, but I’ve grown used to it. It’s just me, I reckon, but I actually liked the navigation and search - yes, search - in the old platform better, but those issues are not really problematic.

However, for whatever reason, discourse did not like my Firefox browser and would force my computer to freeze up every now and again. It seems better in Chrome, but over the years, I’ve preferred Firefox for anything that doesn’t require that I be logged into my Google account.

It’s not bad at all, except I’m not a big fan of the search engine. The infinite scrolling actually doesn’t bother me, all that much, to be honest.

I also like that we can have pictures now – and it’s NOT the end of the world as people predicted. :wink:

Well, it certainly makes the Caption Contest in Thread Games a lot easier for participants. :wink:

not yet …


I’m curious what you don’t like. It’s got lots of features that simply cannot be expressed in either vBulletin (when that worked at all) or in Google. I find it extremely powerful and convenient.

What do you find hard or ineffective about it? Perhaps it’s an issue of user technique we can help you with.

The biggest advantage that Discourse has over vBulletin is that it works. The old system had become nearly unusable by the time we switched over.

I prefer Discourse’s notification system for threads I’m following, specifically that I can configure it to notify me only when I look at the web site, rather than send me tons of emails.

vBulletin itself did not seem to be the broken thing. It was, AFAICT, not actually generating the server errors. When the server was functioning, the board was as good as it ever was.

And the email thing is kind of baffling. I turned off email notification and only ever got emails when there was a PM. There does not seem to be any difference in that respect.

vBulletin has not been developed or officially supported since 2017. The developers officially announced that it had reached the end of its life.

It’s not compatible with recent versions of PHP, and can only run on outdated versions. It was slow and cumbersome.

The SDMB database is huge, and if it was not handling database queries efficiently, then upgrading to a faster server would only be a temporary solution.

It was time to move on, and moving to Discourse was a good decsion.

Really? How do you use it? I find it completely unusable. I’ve mostly tried to look for posts by some particular poster, and if I don’t spell the poster’s name EXACTLY right, it doesn’t work at all. In vBulletin, I could type in the first 3 letters of a poster’s name, and it would suggest possible names and I’d just click on the one I wanted. Worked great.

Heck, I have trouble PMing people here, because it makes me spell out their entire name completely correctly. And tantalizingly, as I type, it sometimes suggests OTHER names, but never the one I want, and never a helpful list I can scroll through.

The thing I like most is how quoting posts work. The thing I find most frustrating is that I have pretty much completely lost the ability to search.

I haven’t had much luck using it for topic searches, either. Maybe I

We have pictures.
We have the year 2020.
You just haven’t joined the dots yet.

I think that change has been for the positive.

I especially like being able to formulate a pending reply and then go look for additional info or a link, knowing that when I hit the back button I’ll be able to access the pending reply without it having vanished in the interim.

If you can see the poster you want to search on, click their icon: there will be a filter button that allows you to see all their posts in the thread, excluding all other posts; there is also a “message” button in that pop-up which allows you to PM them (which will include a link to the post that the icon was attached to, but you can delete that easily enough).

That’s not what i think of as the “search functionality”. Also, in vbulletin, if you clicked on the number of thread posts, shown on the list of threads, you got a nice little list of every person who posted to the thread, and how many times. Click on that for a person, and you got all of that person’s posts in the thread. I used to use that a lot. And it’s pretty similar to what you are describing.

But anyway, my issue is when i CAN’T see the poster. I’ve had issues trying to write private messages, trying to find something a person wrote, all sorts of stuff because it doesn’t do boo unless i spell the name exactly correctly, every letter. And it looks like it ought to help me find people, because it will pull up one or two random poster names as i type, but it’s never yet shown me the name I’m looking for. I really hate it.

I’m not good at remembering names or spelling. That was never a problem in vbulletin.