Best part time careers or seasonal careers

The Fisheries Observer thing is better for those who want to get a whole years worth of work over as quickly as possible. It is a easy job to get (with a bio degree) And it looks good on a resume for getting some other government job. If you have a paid off house and a stable location…might not be bad…

The hospital laboratory thing is better if disappearing off the earth for three months is not an option. 7 on 7 off schedules are fairly common, especially for graveyard shifts (though my last job in Colorado was 7 on 7 off day time). 10 hour shifts. I only do 6 days on now though. Two afternoon shifts (one thirty pm till midnight) followed by four graves (8:30 pm to 7 am). And then 8 days off.

So I only work 60 hrs a pay period (still get full time benifits though). And get paid plenty. Plus lots of pretty nurses. Not a great job, but as good of one I can find that gives some freedom. Other people there only work two or three days a month. Better yet.

If interested and you plan on staying in your present location, I can look up the pay rates there.

Some places are more open to it than others. Also there is a growing community of co-ops and groups that work with utility companies to establish grid tied solar somewhere and then get monthly credits for the solar that is produced.

Even if I can’t get solar, it is a savings of maybe $150/month, its not going to make a huge financial difference. I just prefer to buy things upfront rather than pay month to month.

Event production - parades, festivals, special events, etc.
I’ve done a lot of this; some people work year-round on a given event, some people work for a few days/weeks organizing/physically setting them up, & some people just work day-of.

I’ve gotten paid to be at events from a few hundred thousand - a few million spectators & smaller events that people paid to get into.

Testing Sex Toys seems to pay OK and have some other side benefits.

Healthcare workers (at least nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, etc) seem to have the ability to change their schedules at will. Go down to 60%, work four days a week for longer shifts, whatever.

Some college acquaintances of mine said they loved their jobs driving the “Ducks” (amphibious vehicles) at Wisconsin Dells


How about substitute teaching? The requirements are even lighter than for teaching, and they are usually in true need of anyone who can actually TEACH high school Math and Science, my guess is you could do both pretty easily. With those skills you can often work as much as you want, but unless you take a long term sub assignment (someone on maternity leave, for instance) you can make yourself available only for as much as you want to work.