Best quote of this electoral season?

This New York Times article is about the tough times the “maverick” politicians this year, what with Jessie Helms, Phil Gramm, Jim Trafficant, Bob Barr, and Cynthia McKinney biting the dust.

And this comment from from Alan Simpson, himself a one-time “outspoken” US Senator:

It’s my instant favorite so far this season. Anyone have some competition?

I think it was Tom Delay (or some one else in the senate Republican leadership)

“America’s not just a superpower, it’s a super-duper- power.”

I heard this while driving and nearly wrecked the car.

I’m kind of partial to the following quote from Billy McKinney, who makes his daughter Cynthia look like a level-headed, rational person.

On the closeness of the race and the trouble Cynthia was having with her opponent (prior to the primary):
“This is happening because of money from the Jews. That’s right … J-E-W-S. The Jews.”

This isn’t an actual quote, but . . .

I work in a printing company, and we print for the politicals in my state, we have this client named Finger

So I said “Give government the Finger”.