Best quotes from OTHER sources

Let’s not reserve Best Quotes for the Marx Brothers! Certainly there are lots of other sources, especially in comedy movies, TV sitcoms, and comics:
For example:
3 Stooges
Disorder in the Court.
DEFENSE COUNSEL (to jury) The action on this pistol is so hard it would take the strength of a mule to pull the trigger! (hands pistol to Curly.) Go ahead!
CURLY: I’m no mule!
MOE: Naw! Your ears are too short!
Our Gang
Mama’s Little Pirate
(Spanky and the others are going treasure-hunting, and he gets the idea to tie a string around his waist. He ties the other end around Buckwheat’s waist and has him sit at the entrance to the cave. He says this idea will keep them from getting lost…)

SPANKY: George Washington had this idea!
SCOTTY: Washington? What do you mean?
SPANKY: He thought it up when he discovered the Mississippi River!
Give your own quotes, using episode/segment/short-subject titles as necessary.