Best SDMB Lines

Over the last couple of years, people have been quick to pick up on wittily said, pithy remarks, things taken out of context, and so on.

This thread is for reminding us all of something someone posted that made you stop and think, laugh, or otherwise enjoy using this board.

I’ll start it off with a funny one:

For a period of time that gave the more thoughful of us some conception of what “eternity” means, a very earnest extreme right-wing Christian using the nick “FriendOfGod” had been witnessing at length over in Great Debates. In response to a comment by Gaudere, he came off with a line that it would be inappropriate for a Christian (by his definition) to date or marry a non-Christian – “Unequally yoked and all, you know.”

Gaudere’s response:

I don’t even remember the circumstances surrounding them now, but here are two of my favorites:


Still my favorite – I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair:

Discussing in the Pit some sweet young thing’s boyfriend or ex, who enjoyed anal sex and referred to himself as “The Assmaster,” someone (and IIRC it was DUCK DUCK GOOSE) said (paraphrasing): “The only time a man should refer to himself as The Assmaster is if he’s running the donkey concession at the Pyramids of Giza.”

Yeah, that one sprang to my mind too, Jodi. I think you got it just right.

when someone named their rage fred. crunchy frog i believe it was. just cracked me up.

From an early “Dopers Anonymous” thread:

“This place is more addictive than chocolate covered crack”

From this Pit thread

Alphagene taking the wind out of the sails of newbie-bashers:


I can’t remember who made this post. No matter, he only made one. It was during the “funny things that happened during sex thread”…

“Make big noise!” “Oink, oink, oink!”

Okay, this is something I said a long time ago, but it still cracks me up.

Monster104 had asked the assembled gather to worship him as a god.

I think it was widdershins who coined “The Winter of our Missed Content” to describe the Great Server Crash.



Must phone DORRANCE and check…


Revtim started a Pit thread a long time ago. The first sentence?

Cracked me up. :smiley:

From this thread, two absolute gems. First, Rysdad comes up with the greatest band name of all time:

And then, John Corrado tells us what life as a Republican really is like. I’m not gonna quote it, as it’s not a line as such. You’re gonna have to read it in all its hilarity.

I’ll come back when I think of more. And no, I am not obsessed with Republicans. :slight_smile:

Alphagene in response to some troll talking about how things were better “back in his day” said something to the effect of

In recent times, Tigeril’s rather magnificent

made my eyes water laughing.

Yeah, that was my most recent fave too!

Yet the generic, “Go Fuck Yourself” rates highly too IMHO.
Shame I can’t remember all of the quoters…

In this thread, Strainger wrote:

We’ve had our interludes in various locations around the office to keep things interesting. You name it, we’ve done it: tied up with Kroy labels in the copy room, a good spanking with a ten-foot extension cord in maintenance, some rolling around in a pile of toner on the printer room floor, and some things that I’d just rather keep private.

This cracked me up for the rest of the day.

In the thread on felching, someone asked “Is anything too sick for you people to discuss?” Someone answered “Too sick, no. Too stupid, yes.” I use that line when trying to describe why I love these boards.

And of course, that’s the thread I nominated for Threadspotting: ** What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar?** I’ve been singing that line for days.

Eve’s response to “Gotcha ya!”. Hands down.

One of my favorites was when the late unlamented Ph***** was self-righteously complaining about people who attacked others and called them names, and that he felt that he was unfairly getting “painted with the same brush” due to his innocent association with their group. However, in other threads he had been rather viciously bigoted and inclined towards name-calling and insults himself.

Phil replied: “If you get painted with the same brush, maybe it’s because you’re standing in the fucking paint can, huh?” :smiley:

You can’t go wrong reading The Page O’ Flames.