Best Senders of Spam Emails, or, contribute a Jamar X. Ochoa


I came across a hot stock tip from Faulkner T. Rasmus this morning and literally laughed out loud. I love that name. Faulkner T. Rasmus? Yeah. It doesn’t get much better. So, bored, I typed about it here and have been getting some good feedback. Some gems:

Biddy Adkins
Maximillian I. Small

Damn. I wanted to put more:

Otis Norris
Triantaphyllos Seals
Gnaeus Ploof
BoshBosh Bitskate
Septimus T. Stevenson
Crabtree S. Stella
Ty Coon

There are so many. It’s lovely. Feel free to drop by & contribute some or just add them here. MPSIMS indeed.

Pillow R Buttonhole

I liked that one so much that’s what I used when filling out my most recent Safeway card.

Nothing too off the wall this afternoon (I just wiped them out before lunch).

Ofelia Lutz
Jytte Scola
Araminta Bayne
Mayra Grimes
Aurelio Coker
Giovanni Mclaughlin
Tracy Figueroa
Jamel Krause
Marva Murphy
Earline Villarreal
Josue Hoskins
Pretty bland list, but I’ll keep an eye peeled for good ones.

Going through my Bayesian filter’s history reveals a pretty good assortment:

Erramun Chidester
Neutralizes J. Galvanic
Peter Bell Rogers W. Douglas Cider
Meeks Schmitt
Eldad Hessling
Edytha Blay
Abe Caulking
Vivian Hart Sick
Vera Battle
Orion Seybold
Ocelot A. Potables
Candice Crews
Mererid Fails
Johnathan Jones Love-Hampers
Coated J. Charcoal
Jesus Murphy
Flourished Q. Salvo
Alfre Stringfellow
Fireplug G. Flukey

Just today I got spam from Lynn Redgrave, apparently offering in increase my manhood.

I guess the acting jobs have really dried up.

Sip V. Justifiable
Plea Q. Wormholes
Assiduously T. Glassiest

The rest of mine this morning look almost normal.

Whoop! Just as I deleted that lot, another came in …

Allegation T. Reuther

I never see spam, because Gmail is so awesome.

Looking in the catcher, though, I see I have a communique from Serenity A. Mommy. If it came in an envelope, it might smell of cookies. Or maybe penis cream. One of the two.

Serpented T. Earning

Vietnamese K. Adversary

Outsiders L. Oedipus

Numbers Fitch

Frolicid Ruther

Sternum B. Skippy

Magpie V. Devilry

Tomsk Q. Gymnosperm

Groovier P. Pizza