Best Sequential Thread Titles EVER!

Someone I know is selling their own porn video

Guinistasia Did It…

OK, that is the best ever! All I spotted was …

The Phantom Ass Gasket strikes again
Stuck in a situation I wish I could get out of

I wanted to post one yesterday, but I was too lazy to start a thread or find an old one:
Gentle euphemisms for being "modestly hung"

Name my hamster!

I wrote this down a few weeks ago, it is from General Questions

Dose Geo W. Bush believe

Civil engineers how does shit flow in sewage pipes

I just figured out what a seq. thread is, if I’m wrong give me hell…
good one:

Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!)
I am sick…yes, and tired!

better one:

I Rode Her To VICTORY!
The Phantom Ass Gasket strikes again