Best TV Shows of 2015 - Voting

Above are the shows that Dopers nominated as the best TV shows of the year - nomination thread here.

Multiple votes allowed, the poll closes next Sunday.

So far, voting is going pretty much as I’d expect it, with a few surprises. Given how much traffic there is in the Doctor Who thread, I’d thought there would be more votes for that show.

And it ends with Fargo’s sophomore season barely edging out Better Call Saul as the top vote-getter. They’re followed closely by Justified & The Americans with Last Week Tonight, Mad Men’s final episodes, and Jessica Jones rounding out the top of the pack.

The Leftovers didn’t have that many votes - but it was the only show in the nominations thread (as there were just two nominations not by me, I didn’t bother with a voting thread).

Even though it got zero votes here, I did try to check out Taskmaster, there are a few very funny clips on youtube (I’m not sure how to see it legally in the US), including this.


I haven’t seen Fargo because theres literally too many great shows on right now, so I would have voted Jessica Jones.