Best two basic spirits for a cocktail night? Quick responses appreciated!

So we have a blender and vodka and we’re getting two more spirits. I was thinking tequila and cointreau so we can make margaritas, but the only other drink we can think make from vodka and cointreau is a cosmo.

Any suggestions on changing the spirits or other drinks we could make from this combination?

Thanks :smiley:

Go clear! Rum and Gin! Mix all togeter with a little (whatever color softdrink) and you’ve got (whatever they asked for)! :smiley: This worked for me for years at college. I was know as the best bartender ever!

Triplesec kills all of it, so get that too.

Vodka and Rum

definately the Rum. Also you can’t have a cocktail night without Mojito’s, get some mint leaves and some limes…you will not go back!

Cosmos obviously.

Yeah, if you’ve got Vodka, just get various juices and clear flavored sodas. Tons of different combos!