Best ways to use up a pint of heavy whipping cream

We’ve got an unopened pint of heavy whipping cream in the fridge left over from the holidays. It’s expiration date is at the end of the week, and I’d like to use it up on something rather than pitch it.

Could beat it and make whipped cream, but I don’t think we’d use it all before it went bad. But maybe as part of a no-bake refrigerator-set dessert?

We have a go-to recipe for penne and mushrooms with a whipping-cream-based sauce. And it’s really good and all. Just looking for something different this time around.

Not to say that recommendations for pasta sauces/dishes are not wanted – bring them on. Just was wondering if we were leaving some culinary stone unturned. Can the whipping cream be used to improve omelets or pancakes? Mashed potatoes? Some other kinds of creative or non-obvious usage?

One small issue is that we have no working oven – so it’s stove top, crock pot, or microwave for us.

Salmon and pasta with cream sauce.

Haven’t tried it myself, but I saw this recipe for Lemon Posset recently:

I’m following because I, too, have a pint of cream to use up. I suppose I could freeze it to use in cooking at a later time, but the freezer is still stuffed with leftovers from the big fat jolly holidays.

That looks fantastic. We even have salmon in the freezer that we never get to because my wife dislikes it (I bought it on sale, and me and my daughter enjoy it).

I see the recipe calls for cooking the salmon in the oven, but I don’t see why that part, with due attention, couldn’t just be done on a second stove burner in a covered pan.

Absolutely. I mean, don’t go crazy here, but a splash of cream will work just fine in mashed potatoes.

Another sauce option for chicken or pork, especially if you’ve cooked them in a frying pan:

Take the meat out of the pan and set aside, and turn the heat way down.
Add cream, a spoonful or so of Dijon mustard, and some tarragon to the pan. Deglaze the pan and reduce the sauce until thick.

That’s it. You’ll have to adjust quantities to taste, but it’s ridiculously easy as long as you don’t scald the cream.

Like that. They recommend pairing with shortbread cookies, which sounds divine. The posset looks like it might be able to fill the role of lemon curd on scone (we can get good scones here). Not sure if the posset is quite as think as curd, though.

I finally finished off a carton by adding it to my coffee over the last three weeks.

Not the refrigerator, but the freezer:

Highly recommended.

We actually had two extra pints of whipping cream, and I have used up one of them that way.

It was initially underwhelming (if tolerable) and I think I know why: The whipping cream has significantly less sugar than the half-and-half we normally use. Since we sweeten our coffee + h&h with artificial sweeteners, the difference was noticeable. Adding back in a bit of table sugar improved the heavy-cream coffee significantly.

It’s like a set dessert, not a spread. It would be a bit weird to put it on a scone (although, you know, whatever floats your boat).

I prefer lime posset to lemon personally, but they’re both nice.

Shoot, I’ll have to be buying extra whipping cream for some of these recipes. Thanks for this one.

Whip it, whip it good.

You’re most welcome. I recommend starting with less mustard and adding more after tasting - it can get too mustardy otherwise.

Their recommendations for mint, lemon, and blueberry semifreddo are especially enticing. Thanks for this.

As @Elmer_J.Fudd said, whipping cream is wonderful in coffee. Once you get used to that, half-and-half tastes like skim milk. Yech!

Heavy whipping cream is also great for scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, creamy soups, etc. Anywhere you might use a splash or 3 of milk, (other than baking), just use about half-2/3rds that much heavy whipping cream.

If @bordelond is using some substance that comes with sugar in it, I don’t know what it is, but I do know what it isn’t. At least in the USA, half and half is pure dairy with no sugar. If it has sugar, it’s something else.

I think just about everything I would suggest has been mentioned, but I had one and a half that were worth a mention, because they’re related.

French freakin’ toast and/or bread pudding made with heavy whipping cream is amazing.

I mean… just yeah. Excuse me, drooling. And I remember from when I suggested using the slow cooker to make bread putting in a prior thread that you have some exceptional local bread available…

For that matter, you can use whipping cream to make a bespoke custard, rather than a custard impregnated bread, but we’ve got custard-y options already upthread.

Mix the cream with fresh or frozen berries and a bit of sugar. Eat by the spoonful.

Good memory! Yet another great idea :smiley:

Pork tenderloin with bananas in curry sauce