Best/Worst Things to Hurl

If there can be a “best” thing to hurl, I discovered it this past weekend during another nasty bout with a migraine - Pepto Bismol. They should change the ad campaign to “Coats, Soothes, Protects - on the way up and on the way down.” :smiley: I still maintiain that this is how they make liquid Pepto Bismol from tablets.

Worst things to hurl - gotta be Guacamole and Chips. Luckily I have not experienced this recently.

So what are your best/worst?

The worst thing by far that I have ever hurled is bile. The second worst being the precursor to that, nothing. I would rather puke up chunky stuff all over the place than heave that much ever again. owwwwwww.

sigh Can’t believe I’m responding to this…

Best - Well, I threw up some Methylenedioxymethamphetamine once. Surreal experience indeed…

Worst - Frosted Mini Wheats. Felt like throwing up steel wool pads.

Worst: Shrimp salad mixed with two Hammes beers. (Ahhh…college days…) Closely followed by a shrimp boil meal consisting of shrimp, sausage, corn, potatos, mixed in with some dry red wine.

Best: Pizza. That shit looks the same coming up as when they spread it on the dough.


I’ll second the bile… it is purely disgusting and painful and the taste stays with you for a very long time afterwards…

best: spaghetti…

Worst - Chinese Food - shudder

Best: Jello. It comes up fairly easy, and it doesn’t burn if it happens to wind up in your nose.

Worst: Bologna and dill pickles. Especially if it comes out of your nose.

Worst: When I was a “look at me I’m so cool” smoker, I smoked about 5 cigarettes in a row on an empty stomach. Suddenly I felt dizzy and nauseous, so I stumbled to the toilet where, instead of bile, I retched up this disgusting, foul-smelling black stuff. shudder It made my throat feel terrible as well.

Orange juice smells gross coming back up as well. But nothing compares to that cigarettey liquid.

Worst: Domino’s pizza (haven’t had one since)

Best: Chocolate chip cookie dough

I’ll say it again, lovely topic. Although, if ya stay away from the chips, guacamole ain’t too bad coming up. I’d be pleased to demonstrate that for ya sometime.

Best: I’m with MachV - Ecstasy definitely takes the edge of vomiting.

Worst: hot coffee.

Worst - Chinese Food

I am not sure there is a good thing to hurl :slight_smile:

Best : ice water, or maybe that’s strangest… If I’m massively hungover and I try to rehydrate myself with water, sometimes it comes right back up. The strangest feeling, cuz it’s so much colder than vomit usually is. Not really that unpleasant if you’re expecting it, though.

Best: Iced tea, especially if it’s still cold.
Worst: Milk (curdled and blobby) or eggs.

Best: Jello, especially red
Worst: Ranch Doritos. They just stick in your throat and won’t come out.

Worst: has to be chips that you’ve not long eaten, mixed with copious amounts of alcohol of your choice

Best: Dandelion & Burdock comes back up quite nicely :smiley:

It’s funny, I would vote for orange juice and milk being great to vomit back up (the orange juice leaves a nice citrusy flavour in your mouth and nasal passages, the milk is kinda soothing coming back up). Everyone’s mileage varies, I guess.

My vote for worst is gin. Got drunk on it once, vomited (it burns, baby, burns), have never drank it again in over 15 years. Can’t even stand to smell it.

No personal experience, but a former roommate of mine claimed that the worst thing to hurl was popcorn, and I’d have to think that it would be pretty bad.

My personal worst is red beer and peanuts.

There is no good thing to hurl, only degrees of worseness.

Water. Did this within miliseconds of downing about one third of a gallon on a hungover Saturday morning.

It came up the same way it went down. Cold, wet, and splat.


Anything that has tequila in it. It has the same soothing effect as razor blades and shards of glass, blended with a sweet grapefruit chaser, except not as much fun.