Best/Worst Uniforms in Sport

So what do you sports fans think are the best and worts looking uni’s in the different sports?

My short-list:

-Yankees, Cubs, and White Sox (All essentially the same, classic and timeless.)
-Old San Diego Chargers “Baby Blue” Jerseys
-Boston Celtics
-Chicago Blackhawks
-Kansas State Football Helmets
-The old World Leugue Football jersey worn by Orlando
-Dallas Cowboys

-Old Houston Astros “Life Savers” and Chicago White Sox “Winning Ugly” Uni’s.
-Denver Broncos New Jerseys
-Cincinati Bearcats basketball jerseys
-All the MLB “future” jerseys worn this year
-Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets
-Nashville Thrashers

What do you guys think?

Best: Juventus Torino, Italian soccer club.
(Black and white vertical stripes jersey, black shorts, black socks)

Worst: Borussia Dortmund, German soccer club.
(Black and FLUORESCENT yellow jerseys, black shorts, black and yellow socks - they look like a bunch of colorado bugs)


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Worst - Denver Broncos of the mid 60’s. Just for the socks.
Pittsburgh Pirates of the 70’s
Chicago White Sox - The infamous shorts experiment.
Denver Nuggets of the 80’s
Philadelphia 76ers of the early to mid 90’s

General worst: Baseball - do the cups make them look like their wearing diapers, or is it my imagination? And the uniforms are totally unforgiving of slightly overweight physiques.
General best: Soccer - Soccer guys are just damn sexy, period. The uniforms just make them sexier. V-neck jerseys that show their collarbones, silky loose shorts… And you got to love those manly calves with the long socks. ::drooling::

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Worst - Charlotte Hornets basketball (looks like pajamas), Cleveland Browns football (very boring).

Best - Miami Dolphins football, St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Best uniforms: Montreal Expos road. Gray with red & blue script “Montreal”

Worst - present Cleveland Cavaliers. Their colors are black, sky blue & orange, the same colors as a nasty bruise, except that a bruise looks better.

I’m for (against?) the Astros too. Those colors just epitomized the drugged-out 70’s.
Ditto the Denver Nuggets with the Denver skyline in rainbow colors.
I like the Donkeys’ new colors, although I’ll miss seeing thousands of people in orange at Mile high Stadium, like a big bowl of Kool-Aid.
My high school colors were awful- red and green. Christmas or Homecoming?-you decide!

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The Oregon Ducks have a new football helmet with a big O on the side. Looks like a zero. I can’t believe no one there thought of that. Part of being a Duck, I guess.

Women’s beach volleyball. Any questions?