Better call Saul!

I called a new plumber, who showed up today to fix a couple of things. I swear the guy is a dead ringer for Bob Odenkirk: looks, voice, mannerisms. Cracked me up.

Nothing better than a reliable lawyer . . . er . . . plumber to fix your problems. Especially if your washing machine is broken and you need an alternative to laundering your dirty stuff.

Did he make you put a dollar in his pocket before you tried to tell him what, exactly, you’d tried to flush?

In other weirdness: my hair cutter looks just like Sarah Palin; sounds just like her, too.

Put a positive spin on it. She also looks like Tina Fey.

Seriously, when the going gets tough, you don’t want a criminal plumber. You want a crim-in-al plumber.

Might be a good plumber, but I bet he’s no David Schwimmer.

Are you sure it wasn’t Kevin Costner?

Handy if you ever get a bag of drugs stuck in your pipes, “No yo, we need a CRIMINAL plumber.”

But how am I going to get this poof out of my hair?

Finally, now you can launder your money.

So when he recommended Janitor in a Drum, was he referring to a 55-gallon HDPE drum?

Holy crap! This weekend at Crater Lake Lodge, I was waited on by this guy, who has apparently moved on from the Overlook Hotel ::cue shrieking violins::.

He didn’t tell you that you’ve always been there, did he?! :eek:

I started to complain about my sandwich, but he told me that when his wife complained about the food, he “corrected her”. Not sure what that means. . .

At least your plumber doesn’t look like Bob Hoskins. I’d rather live near a meth [del]dealer[/del] manufacturer than a terrible, terrible movie.

Just be sure that after he fixes the toilet, his [del]bodyguard[/del] assistant Hule doesn’t use it.