Better or worse "debater" than ARG?

I am, of course, referring to Brian Bunnyhurt in this thread:

At least Adam’s attempted answers had some relevance to the questions put!

Brian, thou art a putz.

I don’t know this Brian guy, but I don’t see a certain poster being a good debater; he certainly didn’t “win” in the old ARG debates.
I am providing cites however and facts.
I don’t know what the state of Utah or teen pregnancy has to do with Mormonism however.
my two cents

Well, Vanilla, in light of the way you have treated me, I won’t be debating you in the “other thread” and will consider nothing you say to be valid, just as you have treated me, no matter what “cites” or “facts” you come up with. As you declared everything I tried to get you to read “non-biblical” without even reading it, I will do the same to you. I know that this is not the Christian thing to do, but enough is enough. I will not engage in a debate which you have already declined to talk about between the two of us. I know a closed mind when I see one. (And yes, I’m being closed-minded also. I realize this. I’ve just had it with this woman’s crap.)

And as for the topic of this thread, let’s just say that if Brian Bunnyhurt’s hate speeches were written on paper, I’d use them to wipe my butt.

I’d actually put JerseyDiamond in the same league as ARG.


I am printing my arguments, None of which you have been able to refute, on the message board so others may see the truth about your religion.
You say youre going to stay out of the debate, but you are so filled with fury when anyone says anything against your religion that you won’t be able to help yourself.
Then you can use the argument that its your other personality (the evil one) and not you. (roll eyes).
Oooh, you’ve taken my crap? The fact that I am proving your religion in mostly disagreement with Christianity? Great comeback…

Snark, vanilla…we all know that you two are not fond of each other. Please do not use this message board as an arena for your fights. It will only get REALLY ugly, and both of you will be unhappy that it’s public. So stop now. If you wish to refute each other’s arguments, fine. But since you two have a history, THINK before you post.

For the Straight Dope

Thank you Lynn.
I have simply been using cites and quotes to disprove Mormonism.
Nothing personal, I must speak the truth.
My posts are to the nonMormons on the board.
I don’t expect to change any Mormon minds.

Well… I don’t know this ARG fellow but Brian has the debating skills of a turnip. Brians debating flaws typically fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Broad generalizations (i.e. all Mormons have x,y, or z characteristic)

  2. No facts

  3. Extremely biased position (I’m unconvinced that his arguments are only “passionate” rather than personal.).

There really isn’t much use convincing Brian of anything. If I showed mountains of statistical evidence Brian would dismiss it with “My personal experience tells me…”. :rolleyes:

One thing which he does do really well though is to make everyone else look like fantastically good debaters. :smiley:

Gotta agree with GB there.
I gave up. My own personal prejudices are such that I actually in some ways agree with some of his claims, but without evidence to support them there is no point to calling it a debate. All I was trying to do was get him to support his arguments.

And I do have to agree with vanilla, that tarring all of Utah with the same paintbrush you use to tar all of Mormonism - and vice versa - is horribly unfair. Salt Lake Valley is something like 60% Mormon (no, I don’t have a cite for that statistic, this is the Pit, not GD, goddammit) so of the million or so people who live there that makes some 400,000 who are very emphatically NOT Mormons.

Oh well. Don’t recall getting into any debates with ARG, so I can’t comment on him. Brian reminds me in some ways of Ol’ JDT, with his passionate dedication to his platform and unwillingness to consider any contrary evidence.

Dear Vanilla, yesterday I posted in anger and said words that I regret saying. Jesus said that “contention is of the devil,” and I believe it. I stand chastened.

If you want to debate Mormonism, that’s fine with me, but I am not the one with whom you should debate it. I have too much pride and anger in me to be an effective disciple of Christ. I’m a hothead sometimes, it’s true.

Forgive me. I still care about you. I just have a quick, sharp tongue and a sharper temper. I sometimes think that my temper is my greatest weakness.


I nominate this thread for The Most Off-Topic Hijack Possible Award.:slight_smile:

WTF is going on in here???

I’ll tell you what’s going on: I lost my fiancee, the only person I’ve ever been serious about marrying in all my 34 years, and now she’s attacking my religion and talking about confidential things I had told her about myself, foolishly thinking that she would keep them secret.

::Lone wolf howling at the moon::

Can life get worse?

Sure it could - I could open up my mouth.


OK, admit it - it was funny! It was! :smiley:


That WAS the funniest thing I have ever you seen you post Esprix.:slight_smile:

Man…talk about kicking a man while he’s down.
Snark Hunter…

You may want to consider homosexuality. While I’m not gay, I do see the distinct benefit of not having to actually have a female SO and getting laid all the time.

With women, you have to remember that it is war each and every step of the way. As soon as you think everything is cool, you are equal and can trust her…


That’s when you lose. You either become their eternal slave or they shred you with all their might. Most men just fold and surrender quickly.

If I were you, I’d just register under a different screen name, re-establish yourself and then snipe at her from concealment.

[sub]that might not be allowed though[/sub]

Freedom 2: He IS gay, FYI.
I am avoiding him at all costs.
I was simply posting about Mormonism because its not christianity. I can’t help it if he read that thread, I want to remain strangers.
More hijacks, I wonder where old ARG is? Is he now posting as JerseyDiamond? Inquiring minds want to know.
Esprix; any comments from you are welcome, as I know you’ve never wanted to flame me…:slight_smile:

Does Snark Hunter know he’s gay?

::fascinated by the way SD has become so surreal lately::


{flailing arms wildly}

Freedom, step away from the keyboard! Do not press the “reply” button! Stop what you are doing immediately!


There’s a bit of background you’re not caught up on. Asking questions will only lead to tears. STOP NOW. (Snark and vanilla know I’m only kidding with them, but let’s not bring up old news…)


I heard tell that Esprix is gay too.
I know, old joke, but…
I think I can speak for snark in This particular instance in that we both love ya Esprix.
And Freedom too.

Esprix is gay???

When the hell did that happen? Man, I seem to missing all the good soap opera stories around here.