Kirkland1244, you don't seem to be getting it

In this thread, Kirkland1244 took what I consider to be a swing at The Ryan without provocation. I’m starting this thread to address what Kirkland did in that thread, because s/he doesn’t seem to be getting why what s/he did is getting grilled there, and to take the heat off that thread.

Kirkland, it is pretty much a common practice here to ignore other posters if you have a problem with them, rather than arbitrarily insulting them, or take them to the Pit. I’m not defending The Ryan, but I am defending his right to be judged on the merit of his posts on a thread-by-thread basis. If you can’t be objective in a thread of his, maybe you shouldn’t visit his threads, rather than disrupting them with non-sequiturs.

Ah, the first test of Doperhood: can you tell the difference between honest, well intentioned advice and an attack?

Choose wisely.

Fine. I’ll drop it in his spitting-on-Christianity thread. But I will not let him post with abandon. If pitching a fit drags his threads off topic, then that is a good end, because his point of view is not one that deserves to be heard, or discussed.

I was under the impression that the mods frown heavily on following someone around the forums just to screw with them and their threads.

Well, clearly if a mod tells me not to do something, I won’t do it.

BTW, they threw a grenade into the Church of the Nativity, burned part of it. I’m sure theRyan is dancing.

Good grief.

As frustrating and irritating as I sometimes find The Ryan, this is over the top. You must be exhausted from all that knee-jerking you are doing.

But, if you feel his “point of view is not one that deserves to be heard, or discussed”, why don’t you appeal to the mods, and request he be banned? Let’s see how far that takes you. :rolleyes:

I am not really serious about the banning suggestion, in case that wasn’t obvious.

As I am not a mod, I was just letting you know my recollection of their stance on the subject to help keep you out of trouble. Hopefully, one will stop by and give us the official version soon.

I doubt anyone is dancing about it. It saddens me to see the church being damaged, but it’s just a building. It can be repaired or rebuilt. The lives that are being lost cannot be replaced.

I just get so frustrated watching all this and want to give a collective pimp-slap to the Israelis and Palestinians and yell at them to: “STOP IT”.

I see little basis for this prediction.

Tell me about it. I did my column a few weeks ago on the Israeli-Palestinian situation… and its just gotten worse and worse. Its like the only topic in the news, which makes it hard to justify writing about anything else.

C’mon, Kirky, if The Ryan is wrong, it’s easy to prove him wrong (and, boy, is it easy). But when ya throw the insults around, you’re just stooping to his level. Don’t fight Ignorance with Ignorance. Fight it with Intelligence… and tactical nuclear weapons.

Wah. Kirky, go take a leap, man.

THere’s no reason to assume so much about a poster because you don’t dig his opinion in 2 threads. In fact, it’s beyond reason and absolutely assinine.

To call every opinion, word, post and even his personality “filth” is being a jerk, and that is rule #1 around here. Don’t be a jerk!

Now, nobody wants you to make up, get in bed and have a lovefest(gay or straight), but following someone from post to post and harassing them at every chance is uncalled for.


Oh ya, about Knee-jerking, Kirkland…

It was a STUN GRENADE, not a fucking grenade. You seem to make a huge deal about EVERYTHING that comes your way.

A stun grenade(designed to stun people surrounding the explosion with beads, sound, and light), is far from being a grenade…designed to explode, kill and maim.


It still caused a fire. And the Palestinian who tried to put the fire out was killed by the Nazi – err, Israeli troops.

It’s war, Kirkland, not a dinner-table argument. The other side shoulda watched his ass while extinguishing the flames.

As far as calling Israelis Nazis…well, the minute they try to exterminate an entire race/culture spanning many countries, I’ll agree with you. Until then, it’s just a bullshit border dispute gone awry.

I don’t see rabid Christians and anti-war demonstrators going nutball over clashes in India in Kashmir where this happens much more frequently.

Well, you’ve once again succeeded in derailing another thread. THe subject of this OP was about you being an ass.


P.S.- Remember to try to get more comfortable with your religion/identity/sexuality, and these trifling little things won’t bend you out of shape so much.


I started to read the thread you linked to where theryan allegedly related homosexuality with pedophilia. Now 1st I’ll admit that I didn’t read the whole thread because I just don’t have that kind of time or commitment. But I skipped through and read theryan’s 1st 3 or 4 posts.

What I found was someone who was trying to explain someone elses point of view which was not necessarily his own. Even if it was his own view, he doesn’t link homosexuality with molestation in quite the way you’re suggesting.

To summarise: Get a GRIP Mr. Kirk-OVERSENSATIVE-land1244!!!

Just to nit pick a little…a stun grenade is still a grenade. I’ve seen them and I would not want one going off near me. Never seen a fucking grenade, though. Don’t think I would like that one either. :wink:

What irritates me about that situation is that they threw it in there where the nuns and priests were along with the Palestinians they were after. Sure, they don’t fill the room with flying metal, but they still can cause serious burns and damage to the eyes and ears. Then they reportedly shot the man trying to put the fire out. This is getting crazier by the minute.

It’s a border dispute that should never have happened. The UN had no business creating Israel and displacing the people who already lived there, and Israel should have been ostracized by the international community the moment they violated their 1947 agreement not to take Jerusalem. Of course, the Palestinians have become a bunch of terrorists, which we can’t support. But I can’t say i wouldn’t do the same if the UN came in and made me relocate to somewhere like Oklahoma and gave Dallas back to the Indians.

You’re not helping me here, buddy.

Not knowing you or The Ryan, or most of the circumstances of your feud, I joined this thread to hopefully give some advice on what behavior this board tolerates.

The above is pretty much guaranteed to get you flamed. If that is your intention, ok, but if you are actually trying to make a point…this will get you nowhere and cause people to disregard your point of view all together. Without the Nazi reference, you have a good post there.

Anyone who doesn’t see the parallells between the actions of the Israelis and the Nazis isn’t looking hard enough. Sharon would have made an excellent SS officer. I’m sick of the US and its media coddling the Israelis, who have systematically broken every provision of their 1947 agreement with the UN.

Pseudo-Nazis or terrorists. Why don’t we find the Canaanites and just give the land back to them? Neither of these groups deserves it.

I also seem to recall you saying about how you’d just love to beat all those “Fundies Southern Baptists” with baseball bats.

Um, pot, please pick up the white courtesy phone. The kettle wishes to inform you that you are indeed black.