terryobrien80, get fucked

Quickest pitting ever?

Hah, they didn’t rape children, then raped 14 year olds, so we’re cool right?

And no, just because you said you’re not excusing it doesn’t mean that you didn’t do just that.

Also, quit it with the youtube links. This isn’t fark.

Oh, going on to claim that god guides the pope, that deliberately helped child rape. Fantastic.

Only page 2 here. Don’t blow your wad all at once buddy.

No, I don’t think so. I believe the quickest pitting ever was by The Flying Dutchman (grienspace at the time) based solely on the “Welcome to our newest member, USAMA” at the bottom of the main page. (That newest member never posted.)

He really is especially vapid. And not strong with the facts this one.

Oh well, he’ll lose his shit and get banned soon enough.

I thought he should start a “Ask a Conservative Caricature” thread.

I was hoping for a Terry, lekatt, and kanicbird cage match.

Snarky_Kong, telling other posters to “get fucked” is a violation of the Pit language rules. Please avoid using this term towards other posters in the future.

No warning issued.

God damn it!

Can you change it to “get to known a priest intimately?”

72 posts on his first day? Really? And four threads started? I predict that this will end well…

Yep. Read that thread because I thought I might like to learn more about Catholosism. Got about half way through and decided if Catholics were like the OP, I’m not actually interested.

I’ve learned more in that thread from the other Catholics who have come in to debunk his crap than I have from the OP. What a joke.

He makes both Catholics and conservatives look bad. (which I would have thought a difficult proposition)

That guy is more Catholic than the Pope. Hell, most priests I’ve known would probably tell him he’s full of shit.

Here are some choice quotes from the thread:

The foul language was the word “bullshit”. I don’t imagine that he’ll have the stomach for this thread.

This bon mot about President Obama:

From another thread:

And another:

All that in one day? Can’t wait to see what he spouts tomorrow.

“This is about homosexuality, not pedophilia” is a very standard talking point on this matter for the Catholic apologists. Make sure to include all of them here.

Thing is that it doesn’t actually fucking matter as the boys are below the age of consent in any case. So he should take the apologist bullshit line and deep six it as it just makes him look totally crazy. As someone who was raised Catholic (quit when I was 18), I don’t tink any of the clergy I’d ever met would be sitting there saying “it’s not so bad because it was homosexual not pedophilia”. I mean, really! W-T-F? :dubious:

That’s not the point of it. The point of the apologists is to say “it’s the fags’ fault,” and thereby “it’s the liberals’ fault.” It allows them to pass the blame onto liberals in society generally, and in particular liberals in the Church, who they see as having opened the doors of the seminaries to gays.

It’s a vain attempt to deny the complicity of the Catholic Church at all levels in this heinous crime.

The guy has a rare talent. Takes a very special person to unite this board on any subject, but I think we can all agree that he’s an asshole.

Which reminds me of the last person to unite left and right on this board in a similar conclusion.

If we put terryobrien80 and *Le Jacquelope in the same room it would either destroy half the planet or we’d invent a whole new power source. They are polar opposites in views and comrades in dogmatic dickishness.

No, I don’t think we can all agree he’s an asshole.

Some of you people on the other hand…

You get your jollies snarkily mocking religion, spouting knee-jerk platitutes and talking points, and meting out condemnation to any poor soul who dares evidence an opinion that conflicts with your precious “enlightened” sensibilities.

Is vicious irony and vituperative contempt some manner of allaying the cognitive dissonance that your hypocritical bigotry might present to you?

I admire this guy, especially his bravery. He may not jibe with my particular political leanings, but I respect his opinion and his right to express it without being swarmed by hate.

I had thought to end this post with some witty insult for all of you, but that would just be feeding into this sickness you all seem to have. Instead, I’ll say a rosary and pray for peace in this world – including the internet.

Pax vobiscum.

He’s entitled to his opinions. He’s not entitled to have his opinions go unchallenged. When his opinions are based on blatantly incorrect statements and assumptions, such as his obviously ignorant statements about Obama, he deserves scorn. When his opinions include excusing child molestation, he deserves condemnation.

He’s not being brave, posting here. It’s just another facet of his ignorance. He doesn’t understand why MPSIMS is named what it is. He doesn’t understand why we expect him to back up his opinions with evidence. He doesn’t understand our board culture and language - and he doesn’t want to. He thinks empty posts quoting someone else’s book review qualifies as an argument. He thinks nobody here has ever heard of the Grand Mufti before.

All of that - and not his religion - is why terryobrien80 is an asshole.