better smoke?

Cecil’s numbers in his April 20 ,2012 column are probably pretty good and if they aren’t, well they are probably as good as any others.

The average quality of pot has definitely increased over the years along with the price of it.

But the increase in potency comes with a trade off that he failed to mention.

Pot smokers smoke enough to get high and put their pipe or hand rolled away for an hour or maybe even two or three hours and then take another toke or two or however many they want to restore their high.

Just one puff of really good pot is enough to last for a long time whereas a ditch weed stogie is barely enough to feel it.

If you want to get drunk on beer your drink a maybe a half a gallon. A quart of wine will make you just as happy and only five or six shots of hundred proof whiskey will do the job equally well.

Pot smokers who have the good stuff just don’t smoke very much of it at any given time and so the potency of it most likely doesn’t matter very much from any point of view.

I haven’t smoked weed since the 1970’s so I’m curious - just how much does the stuff cost these days?

Here in Colorado the price has settled at $200/ounce, and it’s been that way since the early days of medical marijuana and hasn’t changed yet. $200/ounce is for average weed; averagely good, or averagely poor, depending on the store.

The potency of weed still has most to do with its culture rather than its strain or genetics, and the art of growing good weed has improved. It’s not like pot heads are a bunch of genetic engineers or experts at selective plant breeding.

This column?

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I’ve seen medicinal grade at $125, that’s down from about $400 when medical uses were legalized.

I disagree, it’s said there are strains used in Humboldt County’s indoor operations that would grow very poorly outdoors so specialized they are for grow lamps. Here’s food for thought.