Beware the sleeper… (Forza 3)

I just discovered the “upgrade shop” in F3 (actually, I knew it was there all along, this is the first time I used it though)

Scrolling through the options, I find an option in “engine and powertrain” that none of my other racing games;
“Engine swap”
Hmmm… let’s see what my options are…

The test subject was my black Chevy Camaro IROC with the stock Chevy V6 (225 HP IIRC)
let’s see, big block Chevy V6, V8 C5 Corvette motor, ahh, here we are, Chevy stock car motor!

Yoink! Drop that puppy in…
New HP numbers; 850 HP!
To the test track we go…
Hmm, as expected all that power totally overwhelms the stock street tires, back to the upgrade shop for the widest racing slicks available for the rear and stock sized slicks for the front, and a nice set of understated three spoke rims, race level chassis weight reduction, and stupid restrictor plate removal (I want all the POWER I paid for OG-dammit! and no stupid nannyware crap like restrictor plates)

And the car still looks like a bone stock Camaro IROC, and it’ll stay that way, no stupid poseur cosmetic crap on my sleeper

Cosmetically, at least. Forza does a pretty good job with keeping the Performance Index ratings in check.

Although if you look at the global leaderboards, you’ll see that there’s usually one “best build” for each class, as the PI numbers can be gamed.