Beyonce falls--Sony PR machine cleans the scene

So I’m hearing how Miss Beyonce fell down 12 stairs at a concert in Orlando yesterday and I go on 'ol You Tube to check out the footage. Well, guess what? Mr. Tommy Mottola must have gotten his fat hand in on that real quick because the error message says "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony BMG."

Well fuck you Tommy Mottola, I want to see Beyonce fall on her face! It’s just not fair!!! If it was Mariah you’d be laughing your ass off with the rest of us, but we MUST protect Beyonce from embarassment.

I’m not really that mad about it, but I would like to see the vid. I think it’s impressive that she fell that far and got right back up to perform. Kudos to her, but poo on Sony.

saw it on Countdown last night - apparently quite a few folks in the audience caught it on their cell phones 'cause there were several different angles on it. Yea, it was impressive, she got right back up and kept going.

Oh, here we go:

But it is a compilation! Click on the CNN one for the full report.

Yes, this rant lacks vitriol now that I’ve been satisfied. It has probably become Mundane and Pointless, so if need be, Mods can move.

Or you can waitady or so wen I’ll be in a position to ive a deceqnt opinion on celebrity culture, wic tis tread is a ood example of.

Am I being wooshed or are you replying from a keyboard that is missing several buttons?

Might not be the keyboard. Maybe the shirt is a few buttons shy, eh?

He noted in MPSIMS that his keyboard was broken, but this is what I don’t understand. . . why are there spaces between all the other words except “waitady”. I’m assuming that stands for ‘wait a day’ and should have two spaces between three words but instead has none. That’s one weird broken keyboard.

Still up, but shitty cell phone footage and they apparently throw their phone to the ground for no reason the moment she falls.

Liveleak has two versions of it. Right now they’re on the second page.

In fairness to Beyonce, she pops right back up and goes on with the show as if nothing happened.

I think this is a great example of celebrity culture, and shaudenfraude and all that good stuff. It’s funny when people fall down. I’m partial to the Kelsey Grammar fall where he’s like, “Oh shit, ow,” or something like that, lol. And then the ultimate embarassing fall-type incident is the Kimberly Stewart red carpet motorcycle incident. That makes me laugh every single time.



Good times, good laughs… :smiley:

Totally, she is the epitome of professionalism and stage grace. I don’t get all the hair swooshing and shit, but if that’s what the kids are doing these days it’s ok by me. It kinda reminds me of hair metal head banging, but I’m pretty sure Beyonce wasn’t covering a Poison tune. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s even funnier when a guy takes a shot to the package. Seriously, my husband thinks I’m some kind of horrible sadist, but seeing some poor guy (even my guy!) get even a glancing blow to the nads makes me laugh so hard I can’t breath.


Not a celebrity and not all that nice to laugh at, but this is my favorite falling video.

I love one of the comments.

“Where’s your jesus now bitch?!”

So the average stripper is most pissed off about:

A) No workable peace plan in the Middle East.
B) Global warming continues unabated.
C) Beyonce tripped on her ass on Youtube and those fucks took it down.

Surprised? Not really. I’m going to quit my job in publishing to be a street juggler and I hope people will ask for my advice.

What the hell are you on about, now?

While the average turd is simply pissed.

What, exactly, is your major malfunction?


It might be the part the pushes the buttons that is broken.

it’s his accent, silly. look at his username.