Beyond talking bellybuttons

This is worse. I’m not linking to the site itself but rather a newsite that has a story about it because the ad (which runs in Europe) features bare buttocks. A female and three male ones … wait for it … talking.

That is just … wierd. Bizarre. Maybe even unholy.


yep, unholy alright. :smiley:

Unholy though it may be, that female ass was kinda cute.

Ok, this is too big to let it die so quickly. Come on, talking butts selling blue jeans!

“Who were the ad wizards who came up with that?”

Oh. My. God.

I’m just about completely sketched out at this point. Talking, flexing buttocks. Holy cow.


I won’t post a direct link to it, because it’s quite graphic, but if you search for “singing penis” and “freefm”, you’ll be…entertained.