Bi-Poly-and Wondering if were alone in the universe.

That’s me. I am a bisexual, polyamourous woman currently in a relationship with a wonderful man who is also Bi and Poly. I also have a female SO. Neat huh? Here is the thought. We want to talk to other people like us, but we are finding out that most of the people we talk to in the LBGT community think we are nuts.
If were nuts, we are both very happy nuts.
But the crux of the biscuit remains… are we the only ones out there?
I realize this might be best in another forum, but I am not trying to start a debate on the “rightness” of my social standing, but I am trying to see if we are the only ones.

So, any Bi poly couples on The Dope?

I’m just popping in to say that when I read the thread title, I thought it contained revelations that Polycarp was bisexual.

I’m so disappointed.

Isn’t everyone polyamorous?

I suppose if you are using the pure definition of the word, then yes, everyone is polyamourous, we all have Many Loves. However, I am referring to the practice of having more than one life-partner, or significant other. I have a male SO and I also have a female SO. We are currently seeking another male to join our group. There are many forms of polyamoury, so your milage may vary. I was just wondering if there were any other Poly Dopers.

I wish I could help, but apparently I’m just a big ol’ slut.

Another adolescent dream realized…

Though I am not going to name those people on the board whom ISTR are bisexual and polyamorous, I am absolutely certain there are some. I’m not posting this to say “Ooh, look at me, I know something cool!” but more because the OP seems to be looking for a hand to hold in all this, so to speak.

There are some on this board. Maybe they will post, and maybe they will not. But know at the least that you are not alone:)

I am bi-polyamorous, if you want to be really technical about it.

But I see myself as more androgynous than bisexual. I really honestly don’t care about things like gender so much as I care about the person themselves.

My boyfriend and I think of ourselves as family. There’s kind of an ‘open’ aspect to our relationship, where we’re allowed to be sexual with other people, as long as it’s someone we both know, and that they’re mutual, trusted friends. The thing that holds my boyfriend and I together is that there’s a deep mutual love and friendship that bonds us–not the sex in and of itself. There’s always a chance that this might eventually lead to someone else coming into our ‘family’ on a more permanent basis, but as of yet, there’s never really been a likely candidate.

Most people I know think that being bi-poly is freakish, too. But I’ve never really seen it that way. Why close yourself off to only one love, when you can surround yourself with kindred? What is a drop, compared to a storm? A thought–compared to a mind?

It’s a unity thing. I was always alone in my life, so I guess some might see it as a way of making up for a family I never had, by building my own.

Well, I’m not bi, but I guess I’m poly. I’m a lesbian in a relationship with two women. We’re sort of a triad (I guess).

I never thought of myself as poly before, but life has a way of throwing stuff at you. Funny thing, that life.

Well… I don’t know if I’m bisexual or not, because that requires a more rigid gender system than I seem to fit in (it implies that there are only two…) and i know that i’m most attracted to people like me who are kinda inbetween, but also to girls and occasionally guys…

And although I’m not currently in a negotiated poly relationship, I’ve been in them in the past.

However, i tend to just call myself a Radical Queer because I find that calling myself bi-poly is pinning me down a little too much.